A Question For Westerners

Don't worry, there will be more NBA news on the News channel rather than Sports channels as the players continue to beat up each other and shoot each other in night clubs. :roll:

Maybe they’ll kill each other off and the NBA will finally fold (and take MLB with them)?

(we could be so lucky…)

So you people out west are telling me when I watch a show like the Reporters on TSN here in the east, where they talk about everything Toronto for half an hour, you get the exact same show out west? How idotic is that?

Problem with our national media is that its based too much in Hogtown. So we get things that only interest the Hogtown media.

But how these talking heads in Hogtown can ignore three quarters of the country is amazing. I feel sorry for you people out west.

The thing of it is, berezin, is that the media in Toronto think that we are actually interested as to what goes on in Toronto. The bias in the Toronto media is unbelievable. Even on Sportscenter, all we hear is Leafs this and Leafs that, or they try to make national stars out of guys like Sittler, Gilmour, Sundin and even Tie Domi. Give us a break already! Its not just limited to NHLers either. They tried it with guys like Carlos Delgado and Vince Carter, just to name a couple of other figures theyve tried to market. Even on sports talk shows they center around Toronto sports figures , and who really cares?? Maybe those shows should come out west and talk about stuff that we are interested in hearing, such as the western CFL or NHL teams. Maybe they could dedicate a show to Winnipeg's bid to get an NHL franchise back, or other stories that interest us. It wont be done, because they think that no one in Toronto will be interested, and they dont want to shut out their "largest market". Its stuff like this that keeps us divided regionally, and it feeds resentment towards the Center of the Universe.

Not only the programing on the Toronto Sports Network. They have the audacity to call themselves a National network, then during shows they will reference a contest with a condition that no one outside of Toronto need apply.

By the way how many Torontonians does it take to screw in a light bulb.

Answer: Just one, he simply holds it up and lets the World revolve around him.

This is a statement I could never understand
One person doesn't like them so no-one esle should watch!

They do. They think the only important place is Toronto, and to a lesser extent, Ontario/Quebec. The West is unimportant...unless we stop sending the money.