a question for the oldtimers

I may have asked this before, but I cant remember

who was the last great toe puncher in the cfl.

aw hell, it just doesn't matter

heh heh, does anything

I'll guess Zenon Andrusyshyn - 1986 with Montreal

The Big Zee! Good one. My best guess was going to be Dave Cutler.

saw hank Ilesic do it in the 83 cup game, but not sure if he did it until he finally retired in 2001.

I was thinking possibly ridgeway, or trever kennerd?

Kennard was soccer style for sure, can't recall on Ridgeway....

I'd go with Dave Cutler too.

I'm pretty sure it was Dave Cutler.

Nope, just have to look at the final field goal of the greatest CFL game ever, not too hard to find.

I'm not sure about what "greatest game ever" you're referring to but the less Rider video in my life, the better.

I listen to podcasts of radio football programs across the country. In Saskatchewan there's a sports show called The Green Zone with Jamie Nye, Warren Woods, Darren Davis and Glen Suitor. And on that show they ALWAYS refer to the 1989 game as "The Greatest Grey Cup Ever" as though it's a slam-dunk that the rest of Canada sees it that way too. They seem really convinced of it as an immutable fact of science or something. Very Rider-centric point of view, but that's Saskatchewan for ya :smiley: .

I'm also thinkin' it's Cutler. He retired a couple of years later than the big Z.

Dave Cutler retired in 1984 - Andrusyshyn retired after the 1986 season with Montreal.


Hard to believe Cutler is 70.


I remember Cutler had that weir shoe contraption. Looked like a Dayton boot cut down like a running shoe with shoe laces coming out of the toe that he would tie around his ankle. Looked like something the Iron Sheikh would wear.

Met him many times when I lived in Edmonton...quite a character. Used to sell radio time at 630CHED for many years...

Wow... getting old. Could have sworn he retired in '82 or '83. Had to check it out and learned that he DID leave the CFL at the end of '82 to go to the USFL for 2 years. Returned to the CFL with the Als in '86 but I can't find any stats for that year and there's a big hole in my memory about it.

That's so weird so did I . Growing up in Edmonton as a kid got to meet Cutler as well as Wilkinson, Lemmerman played Vollyball with Larry Highbaugh and went to the same church as Ron Estay .
Also lived in Kits around 16th and McDonald.