a question for the old timers here

I forget who, but someone on the panel mention that he stills thinks clemons is the best all round player ever in the CFL.

My question is, who was best before him.

I have a player in mind. Dont know if the stats back me up, but he was a fav of mine. He played on a few different cfl teams, then a couple of yrs in the NFL, then edmonton for a few yrs.

I'm gonna guess, ....... Sammy Green.


I ain't no oldtimer, but Gizmo Williams of the Edmonton Eskimos was a similar kind of high-energy kick returner, all purpose player. I'll see if they kept all-purpose yard records for the entire modern era to confirm.

Most Combined Yards, Career (Yds from Scrimmage plus Kick Returns)
Players ............Career ....Total ..Rush Rec’g Punt KO .MFG
Michael Clemons 1989-2000 25,385 5341 7015 6025 6349 655
Henry Williams.. 1986-2000 24,007 106 3644 11257 7354 1646
Mike Pringle .....1992-2004 23,209 16425 3830 ...0 2954 0
George Reed .....1963-1975 20,056 16116 2772 ..0 1168 0
Leo Lewis ........1955-1965 18,576 8861 4251 ..21 5443 0
Charles Roberts ..2001-2008 17,925 10285 3396 1738 2192 314
Terry Vaughn ....1995-2006 17,351 70 13746 ...2023 1418 94
Milt Stegall ......1995-2008 16,105 56 15153 ...439 369 88
Geroy Simon ....2000-2010 15,768 198 13722 ..696 936 216
Darren Flutie ....1991-2002 15,223 67 14359 ...300 479 18

Actually, if you go by yards/game, Charles Roberts of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers is #1, which is surprising, since I'm a Bomber fan. I guess I never realized how great he was because I used to see him play every week.

You're asking "old-timers" about "all-round players"? Then forget all-purpose yards; some of us remember (vaguely perhaps) when key players played both ways, offense and defense. That's all-round if you ask me. People like Garney Henley and Kenny Ploen were stars on both sides of the ball.

Garney Henley was my favourite player of all time for that reason, excellent on both sides of the ball.

Both Henley and Ploen rate right up there. Comparing eras is impossible but it is fun.

For me the best all-round player is a slam dunk. Played quarterback, flanker, half back, defensive back, punter, place kicker, returned kicks, coached and would have been water boy if asked. The all time greatest CFL player is, was, and always will be Jackie Parker in a cake walk.

One guy a bit more recent that will likely fly under most peoples radar is Dave Rainey who was probably the last guy who made all-star on both sides of the ball. That's just a guess, there may be others.

Lionel Conacher. He won championships in wrestling, rugby, baseball, lacrosse, boxing ( he once lost to Jack Dempsey ) and found time to win the Memorial Cup, the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup. That sounds like an all around player to me !

.....Gerry James was probably one of the best all around players I've ever watched...I'd tune him in to watch him play for the NHL Leafs after watching him play a full season in the back-field of the Bombers :wink: ...quite an athlete...He could kick as well, although the Bombers never used him in that capacity...Can't over look Charles Roberts or Leo Lewis either...WOW together, what a backfield they would have made :thup:

Bang on there VoiceofReason. . . any conversation about all-round players in the CFL that lists Garney Henley, Kenny Ploen, and Gerry James (great as they were), but omits Jackie Parker is a very incomplete list.

......for sure MJ.... :thup:

Dave Mann

You can't have that discussion without including Mike Pringle. IMO the most dominant Non QB to play in the CFL in the last 25 years.

Pringle was a good running back. .. but he's not nearly in the same class as Henley, Ploen, and Parker. Not even close.


Of course. When I brought up Henley and Ploen, that wasn't any attempt at a list; it was just a threadjack. :wink: Parker probably was best of all, at least post-1950.

I would select Jackie Parker and Hal Patterson as two of the greatest players in the CFL. I'm one of those old timers and watched these two participate in 3 Grey Cup games back in the 50's. Both played great two way games. Patterson still holds a record for the longest pass and run play in the CFL.

for clarity There is no doubt in my mind that Parker is the best EVER all purpose player. However, I was wondering about who you think was the Last best one before Clemons.

To me, mr all purpose before clemons was craig ellis.

Despite my forum handle, it's not even close: Jackie Parker.