A question for our resident math/rules wizards

Am I correct in understanding that regardless of whether or not the argos win this week we still have a shot at first so long as we beat the esks. If we win this week and so do the argos wed be at 10-7 and theyd be at 11-6. So then if we beat them in our last game wed both be 11-7 and because we won the season series wed have first in the east

YEP :smiley:

I would rather see this happen Al’s first 11-7 Winnipeg second 10-8 and Toronto third 10-8.

It is imperative that the Als win this weekend, because that would force both Toronto and Montreal to play the Week 20 game with all of their starters and a true attempt at winning.

If Montreal loses tomorrow and Toronto wins tonight, next week game will be a poor and boring display of back-ups. Bleh...

Oh and Mada7, if Montreal and Toronto both win/lose this weekend and they tie their week 20 game, Toronto will finish first because :

  • We beat them 31-7
  • And they beat us 31-6...

So they'd have a 1 point advantage in the points scored!