A Question for my American friends

With all the bowl games that are meaningless, why can't they College teams have playoffs in December (Can call them all Bowl games if you like) to decide the #1 Team? All I here is the Coaches pick this Team # 1, the media picks this Team #1. I'm sure with the American "Know-how" it could be set up?

US College Football is the only league(s) that I know of where winning all your games doesn't beat a Media or Coaches popularity poll.


The reasons I've heard there are no playoffs range from it diminishes the history and integrity of certain Bowl Games to it interferes with the athletes academic schedule. (Seriously!)

I follow the Pac-10 specifically so as a fan I resign myself to seeing who wins this conference, rooting against USC and having the Pac-10 beat the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl.

At least that is clear cut. If they can develop a true national champ system so much the better but I can't see it happening.

The bowl games are sooo fixed its brutal. SOOOOOOOOO much money is at stake that, well I dont really feel it is always honest.

Why not? College basketball has March Madness! CIS in Canada has playoffs.

Why not let the teams decide who is Number 1 instead of Coaches and Sports writers?

I don't watch a lot of college ball, but I do like the Bowl Games. Can't really explain it. It's just different from everything else.

Of course, I think Ohio State should be barred from the Title game for the next decade. Or maybe bring them back next year. Doesn't matter. Kind of fun watching them get their asses kicked year after year. :lol:

Besides, if there was a playoffs, how would you rank each team? Hawaii was undefeated this season, but really who did they face? Their opponents went 33-60. Only 5 of their 12 opponents had winning records, and 3 of those 5 finished at 4-4. The best teams they played were the 6-2 Bulldogs and the 7-1 Broncos, and both games were close, unlike the others.

And then they got hammered in their bowl game, 41-10.

Hawaii was undefeated, but they had a joke of a schedule, so they were kept out of the Championship. LSU was 11-2, but they had a much tougher schedule, so they were given an opportunity to fight for the Title.

I've got no complaints.

You're kidding right?

Apparently this is a done deal. 8 team playoff.

Surprised nobody has heard about it....there might still be a couple crucial people that need convincing...last I heard on a US based morning show (radio) was that it was supported by a lot of people and will likely be put in for next year.

That plan you are referring to was put forth by the president of the Univ. of Georgia --- who understandably is upset his team wasn't invited to the BCS championship game.
Although most fans and media want a playoff, most schools don't. Georgia's conference, the SEC voted 11-1 against a playoff format.

Again, I just don't understand the logic....You have 6 teams that are 10-0.....Tell me how you choose who number 1 is?

Playoffs in December, thats the way to go!

But that’s the beauty of the system, nobody gets it!

How would I vote with six 10-0 teams? Probably who has the best uniforms!

there are 116 division 1 teams to determine who number 1 is going to be crazy a 8 team playoff isnt going to work march madness i can see in basketball but in football the cis doesnt have many teams how do you determine the championship who get home field advantage?not many southern schools would want to come to ohio statdium in december?i like it the way it is....southern schools dont like the big ten and pac ten because they have big revenue.....THE ROSE BOWL!!!!

Why not simply call the whole system what it is? It’s BIG BUSINESS!

If they could figure out a way to make even more money from Bowl games than they already do, you can bet it would happen. The schools and the TV networks are sitting on a gold mine. Do they need two mines?

in the end, what does it matter.

college students get to play ball
college fans get to be entertained and pick teams to cheer for
Nfl gets a decent look at future players.

win win win.

dont need a clear cut earned national champion.

Yeah you do FYB. The same thing could be said for our league (regardless of whether we agree with that view doesnt matter). It would absolutely $uck if there was no champion.

Bottom line....it's like the CHL...we have our Memorial Cup....the winners from each league...plus the host team. Is that fair? Not really, since the host team might suck balls but be able to put together some wins to find themselves as Memorial Cup champs.
The whole ranking system in the NCAA is suspect....they need to somehow rely more on wins versus losses....which is tough since the big teams play some half-arsed schools. Which begs the question.....why do big schools play half arsed schools? Oh yeah....money. That is what drives the entire season and the bowl games....the almighty dollar.

They could always keep the rankings and incorporate that into who plays who once the playoffs rolls around.

ie: the Team ranked #1 would face the team ranked #30 or something along those lines.

You could still call the championship game by it's bowl name.

It's not going to be a perfect system either but you will more than likely see the best teams in the end.

But if you did that the playoffs would be way too long. The NFL has only 12 teams, and their playoffs last 5 weeks (4 if you take out the bye week before the SB). Imagine how long it’d take to go through 30 teams. It’s not like March Madness where you can have the same team place on Monday and then again on Thursday.

There can't be that many High level conferences? How about structure it like English soccer? Pac 10, Big 10, East 10? etc etc could all be Level one. Play those 4 off. If a small school like Pacific Luthern Acadamy becomes a power house, they move up to a Big 10 or a Pac 10 and the worst team moves down.

Could that work?

Just a suggestion, I think if they perhaps lowered it to the top 16 teams than perhaps the formula is feasible. I think with the top 16 teams in a playoff format it would take 5 weeks.

That could work, definitely. But then you're cutting out a lot of schools. Take this year for example. There were 32 bowl games, which works out to 64 colleges.

If they went with a playoff format, what would happen to the other 48 schools? Would they still play bowl games?