a question for KW

a main function of these sites is for fans to discuss the pros and cons of everyone connected to the team as it affect team performance, fan attendance, etc. That includes being allowed to take the GM to task for his failings. If you are not going to allow that, then why the hell have the damn board in the first place?

You are a little bit like the govt attempting to control what the media says, doncha think???

This is not an attempt to offend you but to promote discussion with you.

Like I said to pickup2, the organization does not mind and welcomes a debate regarding coaches, players, office staff and the moves they make but what kind of debate was he really starting? Just bashing a GM. Plus, most of the posts following had nothing to do with the topic and more to do with another member of the forum.

... and it seems that the "other member" can say whatever he likes and gets away with it scott free. Or there is another member who goes on rampages, bringing members' personal lives and careers into the forums, and gets away with it scott free. Why are those posts tolerated, yet a question about the GM (warranted or not) gets locked?

Enquiring minds want to know...

I know in the past, after that katz interview that many of us were critical about, our attempts to discuss it were deleted simply because most of us were highly critical of him and the interview.

However, if its certain posts that you object to, why not just delete those as opposed to locking or deleleting the whole thread??

sigh, sigpig, I am attempting to asking him simply about his seeming protection of Katz, and you bringing up "another member" stuff only provides him validity in locking the previous thread.

and if you get this thread locked, I will never speak to you again, so there :slight_smile:

Well I try not to delete threads because then I have to explain to x-number of posters my decision why. It is a long process that, us ticket sales people, dont have time to do. I just try to help out when I can on the forum. If you would like to continue this conversation feel free to pm or contact myself.