A question for American fans of the CFL


Hello fellow CFL fans --
This question is directed specifically to the American fans.

What first grabbed your attention and
really made you interested in the CFL ?


  1. Warren Moon
  2. Warren Moon
  3. Warren Moon
  4. the no fair catch
  5. td celebrations
  6. The fun players seem to have
  7. Tristen Jackson
  8. Everything thats different from the NFL

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Great question. I hope to see more responses from us fans.

I already answered the poll, but I went to college in buffalo, New York, and we used to get CFL games there on Canadian TV. I thought the game was very entertaining and fun, but much different than the American game and the NFL. As an American, I still prefer the NFL, but basically because that’s what I was brought up on. I really enjoy the CFL game however, and would watch it regularly if there was an outlet in the US that would broadcast at least one game a week live on say Versus or ESPN, or even the cable company’s channel. This way, you would get a better feel for the league and its players, and would feel more a part of the entire CFL. Not seeing the games regularly does diminish interest, but doesn’t make the CFL any less exciting. Hopefully next year the league will have something in place so the CFL fans in the US can enjoy what the many CFL fans in Canada already have.