A question about kickoffs after field goals

What is the rule about putting the ball into play after a field goal? I know a few years ago it was the rule that there was always a kick-off after a field goal to increase returns. I thought that was reversed and the team that had the field goal scored against them could elect to have the other team kickoff or scrimmage at their own 35 yd line.

Last night in the Stamps/Bomber game with just seconds left after the Stamps kicked the late field goal, why would the Bombers not elect to just scrimmage at their own 35 rather than give the Stamps ANY possibility of recovering a short kick-off. It appeared on TV that Winnipeg did not have a choice.

I noticed this at the last Riders/Esks game where the Riders scored a late field goal. The Esks needed time and it did not seem reasonable, to me, to allow extra seconds to run off of the clock via the kickoff return. I thought that it was just another strange Maas decision but now I am not sure. (BTW, great throw by Reilly, about 70 yards in the air and caught, but time expired!)

Can someone please explain this rule to me? Thanks.

In the last 2 minutes of a game you have to kick off after a successful field goal. This rule was changed a couple of years ago.

Actually, it is the last 3 minutes of game.

Thanks, didn’t look it up. Guess I was thinking after 2 minute warning like the time-outs and reviews.

Actually, it’s a 3 minute warning.

Thanks for the clarification of the rule.