A question about Damon Allen!

I was talking with some friends and we came up with this trivia question. Damon Allen came in the league in 1985. He is the longest serving active CFL player. We want to know who was the longest serving CFL player in 1985 when Allen broke in with the Eskimos? The reason for the question is I want to see how much CFL history Allen spans.

For example, playing in 1985, Allen would have played against Roger Aldag (who started in 1976) which would represent a bridge of 32 years of CFL history.

It would also be equally interesting just to know some of the hall of famers that Allen played with. I am sure if present day players get him talking, he must have so many interesting stories he could tell.

Can anyone answer this question?

I don't have the answer to your questions, but I can give you a link that may or may not help you on your quest:


Damon just missed playing with guys like Dan Kepley and Dave Cutler.
I spotted a fellow, Joe Holliman who was an all-star cornerback who played his last year with Allen, and I think takes you back another decade.
Anyway, the CFL isn't real effective at providing the type of info you are looking for, but if you plug away, it's surprising what you can find.
When you get an answer, be sure to post it as I am somewhat curious myself now....

Tom Clements started in 1975. Passaglia was 1976. Those 2 names immediately jumped to my mind.

Good ones. Lou of course played forever himself.

I am thinking to find the longest serving player who actually played with or against Allen checking out o-linemen is the best bet.
Bill Stevenson and Hec Pothier played with Allen, but I am sure there will be somebody who played forever AND ended their career just as Allen began.

Linemen and kickers are your best bet. Bernie Ruoff and Bob Cameron are in that 75-77 range. Guys like Gabreil, Dalla Riva miss by a few years. What about old eskies like Tommy Scott or Brian Kelly? Wardell Smith?

Bernie Ruoff.
Good one. Thought you had a keeper there.
Not any better than some of the others already mentioned. Tom Scott and Brian Kelly just miss.
Still, Bernie led me to Gerry Organ.
Again, not quite.
But seaching him led me to...drum roll...Don Sweet.
Gets us all the way back to 1972.
Played his last year in Allen's rookie year.

Best I've got so far.

Nicely done. Don Sweet let me to Dave Cutler who (sigh) played from 1969-1984…missing by a year.

36 years of linked history. My friend and I guessed around 30+ years. Regardless, it is simply awesome to know that a present player played with/against someone that broke into the league in 1972. Congratulations Mr. Allen.