A QB's Dream: Harris, Elks, take loaded offence into 2021 season

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Other than Hamilton & Toronto in the East, nobody has the firepower the Elks have @ receiver. Everybody on OL is back & they were 50% ahead of the 2nd place team in sacks allowed, despite losing Rogers, Draheim, O'Donnell to injuries @ tackle. Saxelid stepped in for 6 games @ G & T & was good. They're loaded on offence. They co-led the league in sacks on defence with the Riders the past 2 years & they have a young front 4. Only 1 guy over 27 & 34 sacks between them. Surprisingly they & the Riders were 1, 2 in a half dozen stats categories related to passing. With the Bombers & TiCats, early Cup favourites according to earlier prognostications by a TSN panel. Have to agree. l can't see much not to like here but the depth @ LB which is thin.

Every team needs a backup QB incase their designated starter gets hurt or blanked. I don't see the EE having that insurance backup. So I think that may be their weak spot.