A QB Fortress of Solitude: Lions aim to protect Reilly in '21

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When you look at Reilly's performance in BC he was no better than the guy he replaced. A huge disappointment, the worst display by a QB in the CFL and the highest paid guy in the CFL.
Was it because of a terrible O-line? was it because his receivers couldn't get open? or was it his lack of quick release and hanging on to the all too long?
Probably all three.

Matthews appears to be the only real change on OL but retaining Bates helps. Burnham may be best WR in CFL, Rhymes is a good add but behind these 2 imports are a bunch of names unfamiliar to the league. Durant is solid. We're still waiting on Shaq Johnson for that breakout year. He has the tools. Again, depth issues @ National receiver as well. On defence, the entire front 7 starters are pretty much new with only Tavai & Casher standing out. Can Konar stay healthy? And the kicking game is "up in the air". The DB's, though, are a very good group. The Lions offence is going to have to outscore their defence which, I fear, may give up a lot of points. I hope I'm wrong. I'm a big Reilly fan as a player & person.

I certainly think that the Lions will do much better this season, as will all the teams. Will the Lions be in the Western Finals ? Well guess time will tell soon enough if they have improved their performance more than the other 8 teams. Reilly is getting on, and I expect has built up some rust, so maybe that is why the Management has brought in younger QB talent, just in case. He has certainly taken a lot of hits in his climb up the talent ladder, but more so in 2019 with very little protection. Just how long can he last with that kind of agressive behavour, he has shown over the years ?

If you watch the video Lions season preview , it tells you the main problem with Lions offence was their O line, it was worst the first 10 games then one of the best last 6 games, should be noted when Bates took over o line coach the line was good

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