A punishing return specialist Aaron Woods

Have to give him a lot of credit after a three UFL career as the top return specialist and the Bombers DBs needing to be concerned with their Defensive play first Burke was not afraid to make a move.
His first touch a big hit by a big LB and a fumble but bounced back and ran over another big LB on his way to positive yards.
While there are complaints around the league with Returners doing a lot of dancing for no yards Wood goes North to south.
To early to tell but after 3 years of returning in the UFL it looks like he is a keeper.

They desperately need a threat returning kicks, so I hope he turns out to be a good one, but thus far he hasn't done much. Let's hope he starts to pick it up soon......

He seems to be a power returner a guy that will always gain a really good amount of positive yards setting up good field position for the offense and not the dance around and maybe break one every now and again.
After cutting Hefney, Putting Wild at Will, benching fragile buck and prety much threating Javon Johnson he looks like he is building a blue collar take your lunch to work kind of team in all three phases. Kohlert is blocking as good as Watson had another great block on a reverse and Simpsons a beast and when Ford gets the call he also is a bull.
Unloading that Swaggerville shwotime crap for a lunch bucket team

...Mr. Bighill is still wondering where that little truck came from :lol: :lol: Luved it and one of the big hi-lites of the year for me so far :rockin: Mr. Woods is one solid hombre :thup: Now if he can bust one up the middle for a td. once in awhile, I think he might just have found a home...