A Proud Mom !!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my daughter is the featured pic on "Are You Fan Enough" on the CFL site !!! She is sooooooooo cute !!!! The Picture is also featured in Gallery 9 as well. Just thought I would share that with all of you long time and new fans out there in Tiger Cat land. :lol:

Is she the little cutie with the pussycat nose on their main page? If she is, lucky YOU! How adorable!!! If not, I'm sorry for getting it wrong and please give me a link to the right place - I'm very good at being misguided on my own.


You've done a great job with her :wink: You should be very proud.

I am not very good when it comes to putting computer links but try www.cfl.ca she is still feature there now, and when you click on the sony site it will bring up the the gallery’s and she is in the #9 nine one and second picture.

She loves her Cats like her mom does !!