A proper thanks

for mr braley to step up and purchase two teams to keep them and the league going, there should be a statue of him in front of the cfl hall of fame.

Wouldn't you want to put it where someone will actually see it?

well, they could make copies to put in front of every stadium :wink:

Not to be picky but there is no CFL Hall of Fame... there is a Canadian Football Hall of Fame but not a CFL Hall of Fame

After watching the Lions/Argos game
I think I'd rather pay to see pigeons defile that statue
At least it would go a small way towards recouping a wasted 3 hours of my life

You realize he only owns the teams, right? He doesn't manage them. If you want pigeons to defile a statue, it should be a statue of Barker and Buono.

LOL.. funny.

yeah, I know that, but keep forgetting.

pretty bush that we dont have a cfl hall of fame.

There's no NHL Hall Of fame either, nor is there NFL hall of fame, MLB hall of fame, etc.
The hall of fame is supposed to be about the entire sport, not just at the top level. It's to recognize the achievements and contributions of those who in some way enriched the history of Canadian Football, not just the CFL :thup:

I like it as the Canadian Football Hall Of Fame. that way its a celebration of all football in Canada.

Agreed. :thup: