A Pro Soccer Team?

I don't want to rehash a old topic but listening to a 900 CHML AM today there was a talk show on future uses of our Pan / Am stadium after the games. Our Ticats and what else ? A previous thread I couldn't find about a new pro soccer team. Will Bob help bring a soccer team to the Hammer I think there is a huge market for it just watch the flags ( Italian , German etc in June WC we have a diverse ethnic group in our area that would support a pro team heck how about a MLS team the Steelers! :cowboy:

It would be fantastic (for the city) if Hamilton could score an MLS team!

MLS team is a ton of money, I think expansion fees are in the $40 mill range and I don't see the Hamilton soccer community able to muster up that sort of money, but I might be wrong. If the MLS and/or TFC would be interested in another team so close to TFC?

A pro franchise that is not a farm team to TFC would be best I would say, a team in a league that can compete with the Canadian MLS teams to represent Canada in the CONCACAF championship, think that is what it is called. Not sure if that is the NASL league, not familiar with soccer that much. But a farm team, I wouldn't think so. But if that's what they want, well it's up to the soccer fans I guess.

A 20th team is already in place to begin playing in 2015 after Premier League club Manchester City and its partner, the New York Yankees, paid an expansion fee of $100 million to launch New York City FC.