A pro Jesse fan

Jesse, whatever it takes get healthy in the offseason.
You give 110% every game you play and when you’ve been healthy, hands down, the best back in the league. Keep the faith, you have a lot of good years ahead of you…and I hope there with the Cat’s. :cowboy: :thup:

Well said. I agree completely.

Get well soon!!

well said B.G

Agreed - I'd love to see him back, in black and gold and in good health, outrunning DBs and running over LBs.

It's not very often, if ever, that I've seen so many fans get so much perverse satisfaction from the lack of health of a player. Lumsden's been a lightning rod for controversy from the beginning, for reasons that seem to have little to do with him. I don't think I've ever wished that an ex-Ticat would suit up in another team's armour and come back to humiliate the Cats for years to come, but maybe there's a first for everything.

I can`t speak for everyone, Section.

I think a lot of the fans are just fustrated and disappointed about the constant injury problems that Lumsden has had over the 3 years in Hamilton. I wouldnt call it satisfaction. We all know the talent Jesse has. I think when hes on his game there is no one more exciting to watch, but that is the catch, he hardly plays and its too bad. I think a lot of us are just tired of hearing that he is injured every other game. As a ticat fan, if he does sign elsewhere in the offseason, I certainly wouldnt want him to humiliate our team.

Sadly, it seems that there are some folks who want to gloat about being right in predicting Lumsden's ongoing injury troubles. At times this may also twist into a strange kind of glee at his misfortune.

As much as I've been frustrated by Jesse's injury problems, I'd still like to see him back with the Cats next year.

Below, I'm speculating on the source of the "perverse satisfaction" described above, though I hope I don't exhibit it myself.

I think some fans may harbor bitterness over the fact that after Lumsden failed to stick with the Seahawks, he only joined the Cats for the last few months of 2005 before bolting again to try out with the Redskins. Regardless of the obvious financial incentive to make it in the NFL, some will make the simplified inference (whether it is true or not) that Jesse "doesn't want to be here".

While Jesse isn't to blame for the media hype around him, the intense expecations of Ticat fans can turn to resentment very quickly when they think a player is not delivering what is expected of him. Effectively, I think a lot of fans have somehow developed the unfair perception that Jesse has somehow "broken a promise" to perform like a superstar throughout his tenure in Hamilton. I think part of that goes back to the idea that the team was "deprived" of Jesse's services during his NFL tryouts, and that after waiting a long time, Jesse's time here is not playing out the way many fans imagined it would. I think the negative wishes towards Lumsden arise from a combination of the sentiments: "We waited all this time for nothing?" and "If he doesn't play like a star here, we don't want him to play like a star anywhere".

Here's hoping that JL gets the needed repairs to his shoulder asap and starts rehabing it. I for one am looking forward to seeing him in the black and gold next season. No matter what some may say, I believe he is a positive for the tiger-cats for the future and hopefully he and the cats can come to a contract that will keep him here for years to come.
Also, since this season is over already, it is better for JL to shut it down and get the repairs needed so that he will be ready for training camp next year.
We all know the "game" is a business first from the management side so speculation about the future of a player will be rampant. I just hope that JL remains a Ti-cat. :rockin:

Sign me up.

VERY pro Jesse Lumsden.

Sad, isn't it?? It all goes back to that "we only picked/kept this guy because he went to Mac" crap that we've suffered for the last few years from some fans. I've learned from my time here, that people are much more concerned with gloating about being right. I can honestly say that I believe that there have been fans who have actively wished for a Ticat player to tank it out on the field just so they could point out how right they were about starting someone else. It's quite pathetic actually. I can't say I'd like to see him humiliate us, but I can say that there has been a player or two in recent years that I really wanted to see succeed just to spite Ticat fans.. :wink:

Jesse has given his heart, soul and (obviously) his body for this team and he gets nothing but crap around here.

safetyblitz's great post bears repeating.

IMO, he completely nailed the psychology that is going on

with regards to people's feelings

about the 'hometown hero' they thought

we would have by now but
that they haven't gotten.

I am wholeheartedly in the pro Jesse Camp
whatever team he plays for next year

and I would be really disappointed

if that team is not the Tiger Cats.

If Jesse resigns with the Cats and is healthy for all 18 games next year. Then I will once again become a pro Jesse fan.

I was still pro Jesse even after his initial ankle injury this year but that changed once he went down with his shoulder injury. I think he is injury prone.

You shouldn't sign a guy for what he does in 8 games a year. You need a running back who can stay healthy.

If Jesse signs elsewhere I wish him the best of luck. I hope he stays healthy but I just don't see it happening. Has he ever played a full season without getting hurt?

2004 - Hurt at Mac
2005 - hurt in Seahawks camp
2006 - hurt in Redskins camp
2007 - hurt midway through Cats season
2008 - injured twice, gone for season

In the last 5 years, he has missed time due to injury in every year. What makes you think next year will be different?

We went into this year with Jesse as a ratio buster and well, it didn't end up going very well. When you count on a RB to be a Canadian, you need him healthy due to the ratio and who you use on your oline. We have been behind the 8 ball all season because of this.

Jesse has helped us win only a few games in the past 3 years. When he does play, the teams gear their defense to stop the run. Our passing game has been terrible the last few years so if you stop Lumsden, you stop the Cats.

If Jesse decides to go elsewhere we'll only have to stop him a couple times a year. But Jesse alone can't beat us.

He is a good back and if he was healthy the last 2 years, would've been the top rusher in the league and probably an MOP.

For me, there is no sense in signing him to the big contract that he wants. He's not worth it. He's not healthy. We are going into another off season with surgery and rehab.

If I'm the Cats, I just let him go. No sense holding on to someone who is constantly hurt. We have developed Terry Caulley and Tre Smith and have signed Kenton Keith. Our ground game is solid.

Jesse and Casey have been playing in 1 win for us this season. 1 win! Caulley and Williams won 1 and Keith/Smith and Porter have won 1 game.

The club needs to move in a new direction and unfortunately it's without Lumsden. I think the pieces are in place for an 8-10 win season next year. We improve the o and d line, start Porter and Keith and keep Bellefeuille as coach, we will make the playoffs.

I think we give Jesse the benefit of the doubt because he is a local product. We have patience for him for what reason? Everyone else who has been hurt gets released. Ryan Glasper, although I didn't care for his play this year, started 10 games for us, got hurt, then when healthy was released. I just don't understand.

If a player can't stay healthy and lead this team for at least 15 games a season, then why keep him? Jesse will not take to being a back up. He wants to start. Unfortunately it won't be with Hamilton.

There, my 2 cents!

Ive been a jesse fan from day one. When he came here everyone was happy and wanted to see him succeed. He was welcomed back everytime with open arms by the fans, almost all of them. Most of the fans who are now saying that they have given up on him are doing it because he is hurt all the time. If you read the posts you will see that many of them only lately have taken this view, they wanted him here regardless but now just want what is best for the team and a ratio buster who is never in the lineup isnt helping the team. I am sure there are some people such as habman who will sit and 'wish' for a devastating injury on a star player but most civilised fans wouldnt do such a thing. I just think fans are ready for the team to move forward, the team appears ready to move forward with the signing of keith. I want jesse back if it can get done but he doesnt appear to want it to get done at this point and i respect that. If he wants to move on I respect that also. I think the fans have been more than patient and most are not personal when they say its time to move on, they are just saying what they feel and it appears the team is prepared for life after jesse. I dont see this longstanding hatred for him like others do. There have always been a few negatives but for the most part, he has been as loved as any player has and the fans have been supportive of him through his injuries.
Thinking its time to move on because the team has signed a number one back and jesse has refused apparently three contract offers and he is injured all the time is not hatred........its reality of whats gone down.

There, proof that it's even possible to be not pro-JL and not be a dick about it.

I don't disagree with much of what you wrote - I can't speak for everyone but, to some degree, many of his supporters do give him extra love because he is the local kid. I don't see anything wrong with that - it seems completely natural to want a decent, hard-working talented local kid to excel on a higher stage (though I know some people will always want to tear down a kid like that). But it's not just that - he is very talented and he is thrilling to watch when he is at his best. As a marketing asset for the Cats, he has charisma and star power - if he can stay healthy.

At some point a team does have to move on. I don't know if that time is now - I'm not a doctor, and I don't even play one on Ticats.ca. I don't know whether the shoulder thing is chronic or not - if it's something the doctors say will heal, I think it's worth the risk.

It's all of the "made of glass" sneering and psuedo-analysis of his lack of commitment, his lack of courage, his lack of loyalty, his low pain threshold, his lack of competiton in the CIS, the influence of his father, etc. that I find pathetic. It kind of reminds me of DCherry's dick-wagging hate-on for Sidney Crosby. Pathetic.

Spot on. Health and performance.

But is anyone really surprised.?
It following a well established pattern of ignoring a team-wide failure and centring out an individual.
Not satisfied with merely keeping the criticism to facts at hand and presenting them fairly they feel the need to lash out in all directions with scorn.The only diff. here is its not the QB and Head Coach.
When it was DMAC struggling he was "putting himself before the team" and conspiring with RL to keep his job.
When it was RL struggling as coach it was a free-for-all attack on his character.
When it was Maas struggling he wasnt just having trouble moving the ball "he was purposely hiding an injury" and all kinds of armchair psychoanalysis of his homelife.Ear jokes.
Obie? turns from one of the most respected football men in the league to the absolute worse. Sanity, intelligence, age all brought in to play.
Taaffe? "asleep" on the sidelines, quiting on team, you name it.

Now, only a cynic would suggest the Jesse attacks are just another example of people projecting anger onto players and coaches due to failure and disatisfaction in their own lives.

But it makes you wonder, no?

Nothing would be better than a healthy Jesse in our backfield next year. He is a quality player and a quality person. Without a doubt the best Canadian tailback in the league.

Unfortunately for Jesse and us, he has had a horrible time with injuries. I wish him well and hope he is back next year.

Jesse in no where near the best offensive back in the league. He might have made a contribution to the CFL if he had accepted his level of play and had not sought the glory of the NFL, Thig guy has a big ego problem his time in the NFL was a waste and, it took two unsuccesful tries before the reality set in. He has contributed very little to the Ti Cats in the space of several years. Jesse could have made a contribution to the Cfl if he would have realized with the first NFL team that he was never NFL materal. He is getting older and cannot play a full season without injury, If I were the Ti Cat GM I would be attempting to trade him now. Another unsucessful season and this guy is a has been! Jesse has given the Ti Cats nothing over the years and, the time has come to let him go!!

Me too, and bump.

Me too, bump.

Lookie...Jesse is still young enough to heal up, come back and dominate.
With all his bad luck it's now time for some good luck.
If anyone on this chat, was or is an athlete, I'm certain they feel Jesse's pain and what he's going through. I know that it's just killing him inside.
Jesse has to know that he is wanted here in Hamilton. Hopefully we can get him signed to a new contract and next season will be a success. :cowboy: