A post season All Star Game, has it ever been considered

Does anyone know if a post season all star game has ever been played or considered? Nearly every other professional league has one, which in and of itself is not an overriding reason to consider one. With the NFL moving it's game from Hawaii to Orlando, it will leave a considerable hole in Hawaii's tourist revenue for January. Having traveled to Hawaii in the winter I have noticed a considerable number of Canadians traveling there; would a post season all star game be something that fans would travel to Hawaii to attend, given that some Canadians travel to Hawaii in the winter months already?

I am sure the players would enjoy a post season vacation in the Islands.

I think the CFL could not afford it, specially in Hawaii.

The last allstar game ever played attracted 8000 fans.. So howabout no

actually, the last all-star game (June 23, 1988 in Edmonton) attracted 27,573 spectators.

Hey, if we did annex the Turks and Caicos in the mid 70's, I think that would be an ideal place to put the game. Put it in the sunny south with no exchange rate.

Other than that, I don't think there's a need for an all-star game.

The other thing to consider is that many/most? of our players have off seaon jobs and it would not necessarily be feasible for many of them to get a week off in December or January to participate in a game.

Edmonton in 1988 was pre-season and a pretty good showcase.


Vancouver in 1983 was the last post-season game. Coming a week after the Grey Cup, it attracted no attention.

Don't like the word annex...

How 'bout partnership...

Attendance in 1983 - 14,000

Great idea :thup:

to be fair CFL All-Star games were not all duds as many believe, and in fact 6 out of the last 10 All-Star games garnered attendances of over 21,000+ with 4 of those over 23,000+.

here is a breakdown of the last 10 AS games...

June 23, 1988 (EDM) - 27,573
Dec. 3, 1983 (BC) - 14,000
June 3, 1978 (CAL) - 21,000
June 4, 1977 (TOR) - 7,500
May 29, 1976 (EDM) - 21,762
June 26, 1974 (OTT) - 15,102
June 27, 1973 (HAM) - 24,765
June 28, 1972 (CAL) - 23,616
June 29, 1971 (MONT) - 9,000
July 2, 1970 (OTT) - 23,094


The All-Star games form 55 - 58 were post season. The 83 game was also post season. these were West - East.

The others were pre- season.

From 70 - 74 then 88 were Champions vs All-Stars.

76-77-78 were West - East.

The NFL years ago played the College all stars I believe it ended around 1970 . Any all star game needs teeth to make it a game especially football .

So unless money and insurance for players lost due to injury like compensation to the team thru draft picks and making the game worth viewing like lets say American stars versus American stars first half and Canadian vs Canadian second half you might create interest .

You just have to figure out how to get skilled Canadian players playing QB etc ... . something worth watching ...... .

Considering the NFL questions the market for one and has a way bigger audience to draw from, I am going to say no.

Now, a skills day mid or early May, that would be nice. Draw some hype and do it in a time that oh so many are in football withdrawal and begging for something. It would likely score good ratings in the US as well, just because they are so hard up for some football by then as well. It could be made into a pretty fun event and charge very nominal entrance to it, like 10 bucks, kids 5 bucks.

I miss the NFL skills competitions, specially the qb ones. Also the competitions between people from a number of sports.

Didn't we used to have QB competition for CFL as well?

Only part of Pro Bowl weekend that was good.

There was the Damon Allen Quarterback Challenge...which was a blast.

Not going to happen


Pro Bowl in Hawaii drew well on the Islands, the NFL is going cheap for some reason. All it will take is a cold front going thru north/central Florida and dump a bunch of rain/sleet on game day and they will regret leaving Hawaii.

There are a large number of sponsors the CFL could partner with to develop revenue streams for the game and players who have off season jobs could wear their team jersey with their off season company logo placed on it to get their employers some free advertising exposure to justify them taking 5 work days off to play the game.

The CFL has several players from Hawaii, Solomon Elimimian, Darryl Mc Bride, Brian Monitz, Chad Owens and Kealoha Pilares could have imput into who is chosen for each team as Monitz, Owens, McBride and Elimimian are league vets.

Hawaii is a great place to be in Jan/Feb or almost any time of the year. With the right sponsors , players able to wear logos of their off season employers on their jerseys and one of the ESPN networks broadcasting it. an All Star game or Skills competition should get the league exposure and give it's best players a great perk after the regular season

TERRIBLE idea - the players sure don’t care by comparison in the NFL where the only reason they go is for the easy money and a free trip to Hawai’i to fulfill an obligation of their contract unless they play in the Super Bowl or are injured.

And the only people otherwise who give hardly a damn are some people in Hawai’i because that’s the only live taste of the NFL they get out there, but even then most of the islands do not care.

And of course there are the compensated media types who hype just about anything up that they are paid to hype up no matter how lame.

Orlando via the likely pandering by ESPN, owned by that Fat Rat that runs Orlando and Central Florida, is otherwise the perfect place for this lame sideshow for the NFL. :thdn:

It looks like there is some history with the last game in 1988 in the CFL, but I can’t imagine success these days of any such sideshow.


Not going to happen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXIIW1Bs52M&app=desktop
That's a great beach in Waikiki, Honolulu no doubt for those of you who have not been there.

And no doubt there given the injury risk during some sideshow that does not count for one's football career it's just not worth it, and that was the last time for that stupid idea.

It's so easy for fans to clamour for such action off-season when otherwise such off-season sideshow competitions are a bad idea at the core all around for the players most of all.

If there were a legitimate survey as there never will be given those compensated media interests, and as judged by its low television ratings, most NFL fans would vote to scrap the stupid pro bowl nonsense these days.