A possible solution to finding the most popular Ottawa name!

I was one of few that entered the name.. RUSH... for the new Ottawa CFL team name. I know that some people in Ottawa liked it and others didn't. I think the same applies to...Redblacks...that sort of grows on you, but as well wasn't overly popular. I believe a possible solution to finding a more acceptable name, would be to put 10 to 20 R names out there including Redblacks, Raftsmen, and Rush, that were in the top five they selected, and then have the public pick the most popular name through media polls. I also submitted some other R names such as, Rivercaps, Riverends, Rivermen. Other R names I thought of after the contest was over were names like, Riverkings, River Runners, Redthunder, and my favour of all which was so simply but catchy I thought was......"RIVER ROCKS".

...because nothing exudes excitement and aggressiveness like stones slowly eroding at the bottom of a stream of water :smiley:

I think we’re too far down the rabbit hole now for that to work. Not that it isn’t a good idea, it very much is, but I don’t think there is any way the Ottawa ownership would go for it now.

And for the record, my choice for name, and the one I submitted, was Rebels. It keeps the traditional ‘R’ name, ties in with the previous names (Rough Riders and Renegades are somewhat similar) and has ties to Canadian history (the 1837 Rebellions).


now thats better

Despite the one ignorant remark...RIVER ROCKS....Rocks...because it's a double R name and it's a fresh modern name that connects well with the canal. People boating on the river party and Rock to Rock and Roll music. Their boats Rock in the waves. And some of the boats simply Rock. Their.. River Rockers...which could work as will. Their football team rocks, their players are hard as Rocks, Rock solid, etc. "The Ottawa River Rocks". Everyone that I talked you, think it's the best name they have heard.

Rush...oh, you mean like as in the Toronto Rush FC, Chicago Rush football, Washington Rush FC, Colorado Rush RFC

I kid...I like Rush. It is a solid name...i still say Revival, Revolution, or Revelation...mainly because they are not really used.

Rod black would be fixated on that all damned game

[b]depopulationINC wrote: i still say Revival, Revolution, or Revelation...mainly because they are not really used. [/b]
those are unique "R" examples depop. I like them. let's add them the list of the most cited "R" monikers..


...despite your claims I think it sucks, dissension isn't 'ignorant' either buddy...'Rush' isn't bad, Redblacks is better

Gotta side with R&W: disagreeing =/= ignorance and the name is pretty bad. But I disagree with R&W because I think Rush and RedBlacks both suck. But the more I think about it, the more I think we'd find any name bad because we're not used to it. Once we get used to hearing it, we'll either accept it or just not think about it.

...that's cool, they're not great I admit it

...as long as we agree that the Ottawa Rod Blacks are totally unacceptable

Damm R&W you just gave them thier "nick name" (if they go with the "Red Blacks" name) ... on the plus side ... they will instantly be the second most hated team in the league ... right behind the rumpriders! :wink:



Look at the picture from the "Focus Group" they look bored stiff. But glad to see they are a diverse group of citizens.....................lol

[url=http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/Hunt+Ottawa+team+name+appears+down+five/7862873/story.html]http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/Hun ... story.html[/url]

How about combining the Redblacks with your River Rocks and call the team Ottawa RED ROCKS. You get the RR as well. Everybody's happy.

Just kidding.

too much whiteout

I say they should be called the RedandWhites.

Let's just call them the "Eugene Melnyk's, because Larry Tanenbaum told me to say this because they are jealous of the CFL". That should work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually want, between the 2 NHL teams I hate, for the Leafs to win. Yikes. :o :o :o :o Tanenbaum is at least the controller of the subservient Melnyk. :lol:

Eugene, if you had any brains, you would have partnered with the Hunt group, now I have no reason at all to do a road trip to Ottawa to see your hockey team, if I'm doing a road trip and spend money in your arena it will be to see the Habs, and not in your arena. You had your chance, you blew it buddy. :cowboy:

But where do you live? Down south some where, the warm air is getting to your brain. :stuck_out_tongue: