A positive CFL story from Sportsnet and it's a good one!

Why the CFL is integral to Canada’s sporting identity

Great read

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cfl-integral-canadas-sporting-identity/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cf ... -identity/[/url]

Donnovan Bennett is great. Him and Tim Micallef are true CFL and CIS football fans.

That's a well-written article. I agree with all of it. One of the comments — you know the type: "The CFL is minor league" — bothered me because it simply doesn't matter. So what? If it's good football (and it is) it doesn't matter that it's not the NFL. To claim otherwise is nothing less than spiteful, and an incredibly tired argument borrowed from others. These haters NEVER quote sources or backup what they write with testimonials from people who clearly know what they are talking about. Yet, they think their opinion is widely shared. It's not.

I agree. IMO there is a culture of it is cool to hate the CFL. For example, in Calgary, the local radio guys always complain about CFL being bush leauge and the talent is a joke. Yet, they love talking about how cool the Okotoks Dawgs baseball games are and never question the level of play, and just blindly support that team.

There is a large culture of hate against the CFL by poser sports fans in this country.

Agree 100%.

I don't know why some Canadians get so worked up about the "minor league" aspect of it. Look at college football in the US. Small conference D1 teams can draw 20 000 fans a game to watch guys that have no shot at ever playing professional football. It's all about entertainment, no need to compare it to any other football leagues.

The issue is the ease with which we can get our media from the colossus down south. The comparisons inevitably come from that. In reality, the CFL does very well when compared to other leagues and other countries. We're a nation of only 35 m people spread across a ridiculously vast expanse. Right now there are only 11 urban centres with a stadium of at least 10 000 permanent seats.

We have 9 teams for 35 m people. That's a team for almost every 4 m. Compare that to the US, 32 teams for 320 m, one for every 10. Factor in the costs of travel, the average ticket price, and IMO the CFL holds it's own getting 20-35 k a game.

A great read!

Sorry but your stats and comparisons to population doesn't make much sense. How do you explain the GTA with 8 to 10 million that live within 100km of BMO stadium and they draw 13k??
Yet, how do you explain the Green Bay Packers with an 80k average and there are only 160k population within 100km of Lambeau Field???
Buffalo is also a very small market too their population is down to around 500k even in the metro area, yet they can draw 70k plus to games?
It's all about the huge interest in football in the US and pride in the community. It's more about Canadians being less interested in football, especially in the big cities. Population has very little to do with it. You can't just add up the population and divide by the number of teams................... :? :?
Our population has doubled since 1976 but back then we had the ARgos drawing 36k, the Ticats 32k, Ottawa 28k and the Als drawing over 50k.

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Good article. Like the writer I like both leagues but in the past 2 or 3 years I barely watch the NFL any more. I find it boring. I do still enjoy it.

I enjoy the CFL game more by a considerable amount.

I find that Canadian NFL fans who ridicule the CFL have an inferiority complex towards our game.

It's difficult to even have a conversation with them about it cuz even though they say they hate the game, none of them seem to know anything about it at all. They don't even know why they hate it! The standard retort is along with the idiotic line of "it's not the NFL".

I seen a few ppull start to recognize how moronic they are being about it and start to change their attitude but it is a long road to haul.

Canadians like to eat their own. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Good article for sure. But yes, it really does seem odd that many Canadians love to jump on the "CFL is minor league" and trash our own Canadians in the league sort of thing when you'd think Canadians would be upset in many ways that the NFL doesn't have a team in Canada and guys like Jerry Jones from the 'Boys were saying they were disappointed in Toronto and the Bills experiment there.

I don't quite get it but then I don't get many Canadians for a few things to be honest. We are a weird bunch in many ways, that's for sure. We seem to have a lot/hate relationship with certain things Canadian and even Canada itself.

Yes Preisst, eat our own is a good way of putting it. The CFL seems to be a target for many here.

[b]RM14 wrote:[/b] Okotoks Dawgs
What the f.... is that? Sounds like a creature from the Black Lagoon sort of thingy. :lol: Ok, just because I've never heard of this team I shouldn't be so critical. Should I? :D Ok, they play in Seaman Stadium. Not going to touch that one! :D