A Poll...Yippeee!....(re: kicking coach)

I haven't hosted a poll in a while so this is exciting for me!..... :lol: (yes, my life isn't too exciting)

So, I was thinking, when Ticat kicking legend, Bernie Ruoff came in to help Jamie Boreham refine his kicking techniques, we saw an instant improvement pretty much....

So, is it time in this day and age to hire someone like Bernie as a full-time kicking coach? (who could also assist the special teams coach in all facets)

....it was just a thought....

Don't be shy....Vote on my poll ! :cowboy:

how much coaching can be done?

Believe it or not, quite a bit.....a crtical eye in the background pointing out almost un-noticeable technique flaws can make a huge difference.....even golfers like Tiger Woods have these people in the background dissecting film and pointing out stuff...

..and it's human nature that we perform better with teachers who we like to answer to....and who we know are looking after our best interests by helping us improve.

yup, but it doesnt take full time hrs 5 days a week every week for the season. One day a week at most. Like maybe the day after a game..ok son, here is what you did wrong yesterday, now go practice

Yup....I agree, which is why I added the bit on my initial post that the kicking coach can also be an assistant to the special teams coach in his duties......a legendary kicker like Bernie Ruoff knows a thing or two about special teams and can be a great help.

hire a q.b coach first. A kicking coach is just silly, maybe bring one in a day to work on our kickers mechanics, but that's it, there would be no use for him/her after that.

How about a capable kicker?

whats ozzie doing these days?

wonder if he can help in anyway?

does he even want to?

his leaving was almost as strange as barry's

DeAngelis, Sandro K N 5.08 195 1981-05-01 Nebraska would make a good kicking coach.

What he said.

Mikey: I'd go along with a kicking coach only on an "as needed" basis.
The Ticats have a lot of more important things to resolve than this.
I would certainly have one in camp. (Bernie or Ozzie would be great!) but how much is there to teach a guy who already professes to be a kicker.

...and of course there would be no need for a kicking coach nor this poll or thread had the cats signed DeAngelis...I know I know...no sense crying over spilled milk :cry: :cry: :cry:

I'm all for it, as long as our new kicker needs one once in awhile.

I couldn't agree more and Bernie would be just awsome !!! To see those Blue eyes again roaming around IWS would be sigh wonderful. :oops: A girl can dream can't she.
And Jamie couldn't get a better mentor and teacher.

Shouldn't the special teams coach know something about kicking to start with?