A poll just for fun

Which former NFL quarterback would you most like to see land a job in the CFL?...Some have had jobs in the CFL and some are still employed by NFL teams but nothing serious so they still count...Whether a player would play or not in the CFL doesn't matter...Remember this poll is stupid but its also just for fun...Let me know what other QBs you would want to see play in Canada

are we having fun yet??

Kordell "Joes Versus Pros" Stewart???

Where's none of the above?

Will daddy take my t-bird away???

Carter got Cut from Als' After A Week Last Season.
Here the background info :

[b]CFL career

On April 4, 2006, Carter was signed by the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League (CFL) to a one year contract with an option for 2007 only to be released by the team the following month. [3] On being cut, Carter remarked, "This is a joke... an insult." No other football team has signed Carter since his release and one CFL club official told the Montreal Gazette that Carter has "a serious marijuana problem[/b]

This Year He is playing for $200 Dollars a Game in AFL 2.

[url=http://www.af2.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=3525&ATCLID=880282&SPID=1603&ISWIDE=1]http://www.af2.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_ ... 3&ISWIDE=1[/url]

Really a Downfall for Him
QB of Americas Team to Playing for Beer and Pot Money.

Tim Couch I have to Go with
Mind you all of them are Jokes.

the sad part is that they're all probably better than every QB in the CFL.

Maybe, but success down south doesn't always guarentee success in the CFL as we've seen in the past.

how about:

David Klingler

Todd Marinovich

Cade McNown

Anthony McClanahan

Reggie McNeal

Kevin Colb

The Fat guy from King of Queens

and last but not least.....

Christiano Ronaldo

Yeah, I was looking for that choice as well.

i really would like to see Stewart in cfl- I fhe,s not to old now that is-i think kower destroyd his career in nfl.

I mentioned some of them had previously played in the league...But thanks for "enlightening" us