A poll for Rider fans!

I'll get the film!

I agree with CFListhebest...except I want to see the Leo's extend their hold on first, while at the same time see Edmonton driven further into the bottom of the West.

Maybe we'll be lucky and see Hamilton play the spoiler!?!

Wow sporty 12 new stamp fans from rider land.

I voted for the Riders.

Hamilton is such an odd team, there's been a couple of games where they've looked pretty darn good and then blown the game with stupid penalties, and other times they just stink.

It doesn't matter who Riders fans cheer for. A buddy of mine, who is a huge Riders fan, put it best by saying that he absolutely hates the Lions because it is the Lions that seem to beat his Riders in the big games. I don't disagree with him because I would hate the team that beats the Lions in the big games.

I have a few buddies who are huge Riders fans and we just have a great time trash talking each other when the Lions and Riders play. It just happens, I've gotten the better end of the deal in past few years.

Keep it fun and quit taking the posts so seriously.

Piggy and Papa will be busy fitting them with Blue Bomber Jerseys this week! :wink: :wink:

They sold out!