A Paul Martin joke.

It seems that Paul Martin decided to walk to work the other because it was such a beautiful morning. He looked up at the bright blue sky and asked the sun,“sun, who is the greatest Prime Minister that Canada has ever known?”

The sun beamed down upon him and claimed “Why Paul! You are the greatest Prime Minister hands down. Your leadership and wisdom have taken this country far beyond its dreams.”

This certainly made his day and he went on to work thinking about the great compliment.

On his way back he decided to ask the same question again.
“Sun? Who is the greatest Prime Minister Canada has ever seen?”

The sun quickly responds.

“Paul you are a Moron and the worst Prime Minister the country has every seen. You are a disgrace to Canada!”

Paul Martin quickly responded. “Sun, I don’t understand. This morning you were singing praises and now you hate me. Why is that?”

“Well you see,” replied the sun. “This morning I was in the east. Now I am in the west.”

.....you got a chuckle out of me..... :lol:

hehe ... I was expecting some lame comment on how fickle politics are ... but that's a pretty good one!


How true.

While travelling in Communist China a Canadian was telling his Chinese friend. "In Canada we are free to say what ever we want. We can climb the steps of the Parliament Buildings and shout to the world. THE CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER IS A BUM!."

The Chinese friend smilled and replied, " Ah, but here in China we have similar freedoms. We can go to Red Square and shout to the world THE CANADIAN PRIME MINISTER IS A BUM!"

I like that joke, if it applied to George W, the only time the sun would like him is midday.