A Part Of Change: Obby Khan shares his journey from the CFL to politics

Photo: The Canadian Press

Ibrahim ‘Obby’ Khan enjoyed a nine-year career in the CFL as an offensive lineman. Since retiring, he’s settled in Winnipeg, where he played six years for the Blue Bombers and has since launched a number of businesses in Winnipeg that include four Green Carrot locations and three Shawarma Khan locations, with another three at IG Field. In 2022, he became the first Muslim MLA in Manitoba to be sworn in to represent the Fort Whyte Riding in Winnipeg. As part of Asian Heritage Month, Khan shared his story on how he made his way into politics and the world he envisions.

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Mixed feelings on this. Good luck to him of course, but I have to say I don't have a very good impression of politicians as a whole. You can enter with the best intentions in the world, but the political machine will eat you up & spit you out every time. Tow the party line, regardless of your personal beliefs or agendas, or sit on the back bench marking time. Football is child's play compared to the dirty game called politics, hope Obby is prepared for the challenges.

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A politician, hohum.

I'm hoping he brings some good old 'common sense' to the table here in Winnipeg. That's all I ask.

Well it sort of looks like the players may go back on strike soon… too bad for me as I was at the Lions Family Day spring camp and boy do they look good this year.

Good luck there. The politicians I really respect are the ones willing to run as independents, who , ironically, if they do get elected are pretty much toothless. The rest hitch their stars to a political party & merely absorbed into the machine. The party system basically divides people into groups(as in "divided we fall, united we stand". Party fighting party just on principle, just because they're the 'other guy'. My own Con. MP blasted Trudeau for trying to ban automatic weapons after the NS massacre. You have to know he would have sung glowing praises if it was a Cons. PM doing that. He so obviously wants a cabinet job if the Cons. get elected. He's one of the bellowing buffalo you see in the house acting like a drunk. It's all so hypocritical. We all get by somehow, but imagine a country where everyone pulled together for the common good instead of all these shenanigans'.
My rant for the week, I feel better now.


What you say is very true.

You can add to that the fact that politicians are generally more concerned with being re-elected than what is good for the country or province or district long term. Passing legislation that costs money now but is intended to reap benefits only 20 years down the road is usually a non starter.

Both partisanship and lack of foresight are even worse in the US than in Canada. I doubt that Mr. Khan will be breaking the mold.

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The US has really, really bad problems right now, it's a very sick country (I'm bleeding right now for those Texas children). Having only 2 major parties has got them in a real black/white, us/them situation. I feel sorry for my US relatives (all staunch Democrats). Obby will do what he can I'm sure, but his party will be placing shackles on his best intentions. It must be easy to get disillusioned, hope he has lots of patience.

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