A once proud franchise has been destroyed

The Bombers of the 60's ,70's 80 and early 90's made the city proud and teams were afraid to play in Winnipeg. Teams didn't win all that often here. Since our last GC this franchise has become a joke. Teams no longer fear us ,they laugh, players don't even want to play here. Since 1997 we have had 11 seasons of 7 wins or less and things are only getting worse. Since 2012 we are 19 - 45 and 6 -21 at IGF . This team is not making the playoffs next year and will be lucky to play in front of 22k.

Only one word- SAD.

As a Ticat fan, I remember hating the Bombers as a kid because Winnipeg always used to destroy Hamilton. And Cal Murphy ran up the score every chance he got.

Two elements that those Bomber teams had that your current one is missing are a great head coach (Murphy), as well as a great QB (Dunnigan). When Winnipeg hires the right people in those two positions, they will be heading in the right direction. Willy may be somewhat on par with Dunnigan, in that he can play at a high level. But O'Shea was a disastrous hire...his cardboard personality in post game media interviews speaks volumes. No player is going to run through a wall for this guy.

One issue that is forgotten is, Joe Mack set an already struggling franchise further back . Actually..... careening out of control back. We have no Canadian depth and O'shea can't be blamed for that. He walked in to a mess. MarcelB will have to go !

I don’t think the on-field talent is as bad as the team’s recent performance. To me, what jumps out is the cascading effect of a poor HC selection. O’Shea clearly wasn’t ready to be a head coach (and had never been a coordinator on offense or defense) and his assistant selections were very questionable in retrospect – Bellefeuille (enough said) and Etcheverry (very boom or bust – either his defenses work well or they fail spectacularly). This past offseason, that poor HC selection was confirmed when O’Shea chose to keep Bellefeuille as OC when the danger signals should have been clear from last year. Now, things are a mess again and they won’t clear up until a good head coach gets in there and cleans house.

I don't know that you can take his interview style as an indicator of his motivational abilities. He seemed to have guys pretty much run through wall as a ST coordinator.

Players love O'shea, that is not an issue at all. I'll take Bob Irving's word over it before Blue tees :roll:

The team from ownership on down is broken. It needs New ownership to take control of this team and build it from the ground up.
I wonder if Mark Chipman wants a football team?

As that is the kind of ownership this team needs. Without they will continue to be the constant loser that they are and not worth a nickel watch. Gave up my season tickets two years ago and now two of my buddies just mailed theirs in after this loss to the Riders.

They will be spending their hard earned money on hockey which I have been doing for the past two years and now that the Moose are back I can see more fans doing the same.

Hate to say but I think the Bombers are going to be in serious financial trouble soon as more and more fans are getting turned off by the lousy product they have been forced to watch. IGF is going to look real empty after this loss to the Riders this weekend. There will probably be more green than Blue in the stands this weekend.

Unfortunately a lot of long time season ticket holders are not renewing . If they don't show anything this year and next . It will be big trouble .

You guys have a nice little Q.B. tandem there now. One of the better trades in a while. A 7th round pick for Nichols, name me one 7th rounder that has ever made it out of week 2 of training camp. That trade has given you guys a legitimate shot at playoffs, and then who knows what happens in 60 minutes, a couple times, when all your guys are back healthy in November. Plus a huge pick up for future insurance/starter in the years to come. G.M. gets an A+ on this one.

O'Shea has to be don at the end of the year with your GM.

No, you seem to forget the mess this franchise was left in . Oshea and Walters had to start from zero. Their is no quick fix. Can't just change regimes every year. Joe Mack sent this franchise back so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the faith Bomber Nation all is not lost, with the way that the Lions and the Alouettes are looking lately,trust me I think you got a great shot of making the playoffs this year. Now do us all a favour and go out this week and lay a huge beat down on those dirty birds from Montreal. :rockin:

Things will turn around. I am not a bomber fan, despise then really. But this Boyd guy you signed ,he may be the real thing.

...You mean the guy we just signed and headed off to the Als....Looks like he took one look around at the club and his chances orrrrr there were some off-field issues (according to the coach) orrr he looked at where we were in the standings and went YIKES....Feel free to pick any of the aforementioned... :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, I'm not exactly sure why they let Tajh Boyd go, "off field issues" can mean anything and nothing at the same time. His agent was involved in the process and he may have orchestrated Boyd's release because he hasn't played yet. When Boyd signed his agent publicly said he expected Boyd to get a shot on the field once he learned the offense and obviously they haven't even bothered to dress him yet, never mind give him a shot on the field. He tried out in Montreal afterwards, maybe figuring they'd get a better chance to play there with all the injuries and uncertainty there, before they picked up Glenn, but the Als did not sign him after working him out. Maybe you're right and the club's record turned him off but in reality that should have motivated him more to stay. Willy is #1 but his first two years as starter have been marred by injury and there's clearly an opportunity to play and steal his job here next season once he inevitably suffers another injury. I just think that his agent and maybe he himself are looking for instant gratification and not willing to wait.

Our record is 5-11 which sucks. 5 of those 11 losses were either games where we gave away a lead or couldn't pull out a win late, it's just a matter of fixing the problems that have cost us wins. Special teams has cost us a few wins, but that seems to be headed in the right direction now with O'Shea coaching and a kicker who is doing his job. Our D is competitive and will be even better with continued maturation from Khalil Bass, a full year of Ian Wild, and hopefully another good DE to play opposite Westerman. Our biggest remaining weakness is the offense, and especially the impotent first half production. A new OC, a competent #2 QB to step in if/when Willy gets hurt, another couple of Olinemen - replace Neufeld at RT, make a change at centre, and a bounce back year from Stanley Bryant, plus at least another receiving threat are a must this offseason.

...Totally agree.....And we may have that competent qb. in the mix right now IF we can retain Nichols//

Are you guys satisfied at the running back position?

....I like Marshall ...IF .... real big if, we sign Andrew Harris (I believe he is interested in coming home and that would be big) Cotton will be expendable...Otherwise our current running back situation is ....let's say slightly inadequate.

Our run game hasn't been very good but I find it hard to get an accurate read on Cotton/Marshall/Scott. First, the Oline blocking schemes have been pretty basic with suspect blocking, even though we often use a fullback to try help with the blocking. Second, the playbook for running plays has been mostly unimaginative runs between the tackles where our lineman basically seem to form a wall rather than open a hole. I'm not sure any running back could be successful with what we've been doing in the run game this year. I would like to see what they could do under a more creative offense designed by a new OC. That said, we all know there's a certain national back heading for FA with ties to the city so changes could be in the offing.