A**o attendance

[url=http://sports.nationalpost.com/2013/06/28/argos-see-gratifying-attendance-boost-for-home-opener-after-grey-cup-win/]http://sports.nationalpost.com/2013/06/ ... y-cup-win/[/url]
... the bottom two bowls of the stadium were full, with attendance announced as 29,852 for the game, against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the team’s largest home crowd in four years.

“It’s very gratifying,? Argos chairman Chris Rudge said.

Even with the crowd — Rudge attached a number to the volume of calls, saying the team fielded more than 1,000 ticket calls a day this week — the upper bowl was still empty. It was intentionally empty, too, closed by the team in order to fill the lower two bowls and force a feeling of intimacy into the place.

It was intimate, but still loud. ...

With the vast ocean of empty blue seats in the upper level, the stadium still felt too big for the Argos, like a child wearing a parent’s sweater. But it felt like something; it felt like something upon which to build.

“It’s not a ‘eureka’ activity,? Rudge said. “You build on it, one game after another.?

Thats Cool Cpt.

A healthy Toronto Argonauts(for attendance numbers) = a healthy CFL!

These are real numbers, a legit grass roots fan base, like the blue jays built in the early 80,s
Not NFL fans paying to see a NFL retread or a Rocket Ismail, or Terry Metcalf.

It's too bad that 15 to 20,000 were Tiger-Cat Fans in Attendance at that game, keep dreamin Rudge!!!!

Chris Rudge talks about Argos’ business struggle

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/06/29/chris-rudge-talks-about-argos-business-struggle]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/06/29/ch ... s-struggle[/url]

[b]In a no holds barred interview, Rudge talked about disappointing season ticket sales, the stadium situation, ownership, even taking a shot at sports fans in this town who don’t consider the Argos “big time? enough to support, though TV numbers for CFL football remain impressively high (much higher than Raptors games for instance).

“In this city, whether we like it or not, Torontonians filter everything through the prism of their own arrogance,? Rudge added. “It’s got to be big time. You go big, or go home. That’s why the Grey Cup last year was so successful. We told people it was going to be big, we made it big, and Torontonians loved it.?[/b]

Synonym for the word Toronto - Texas. :wink: Now come on, arrogance in Toronto? Never. :wink:

Despite winning two Grey cups in less than 10 years, having sported a number of exciting players, they still can`t draw worth much.

When your team exists in a city that has a major league baseball, basketball and hockey team then you will always have an uphill battle on your hands.

It doesn`t help when your marketing staff is incompetent.

30,000 is respectable. But I see that Hamilton STILL hasn't sold out their opener. They can't sell 20,000 seats for a home opener on a Sunday?

Im happy for you. But how many of those were from Hamilton. Those arent your fans or ticket buyers so subtract that then tell me how well you`re doing,

8) Alumni Stadium in Guelph will have only 13,000 seats !! Not 20,000.

Well liken it to how many Argo fans would drive to Barrie to see their team play , or how many Calgary folks would drive to Redeer or Montreal fans to Sherbrooke ------- it is going to be a tough year financially for the Cats , they have lost a significant amount of STH for this year due a number of factors. Lets face it , Hamilton has always had a hard time selling tickets to Hamiltonians over the years , probably a large part due to the product on the field for the last 14 year or so and Ivor Wynne was not exactly a palace , had great atmoshphere and sight lines but brutal to sit in , especially for older folks . -------If it were not for us out of towners who have always drove to the games complaint free there would be even fewer fans in Guelph and Hamilton .--------------And it not 20,000 its only 13000.

Exactly, Mr. Pike. With a covered roof, an in town stadium and easy transit connections, and still Toronto can`t draw better than they do.

And they`re throwing bricks at us??!!!

However, the Skydome, has poor sightlines and no atmosphere for football, unlike Ivor Wynne.

8) You mean you consider the Leafs and Raptors to be major league teams ??? :oops:
   More like major league Jokes !!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

But the Ti-Cats must be concerned and disappointed that Ti-Cat and other CFL fans in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas are not responding to take up the slack. They now have live CFL football in their back yards so you would expect that 13,000 seats would have been sold out long ago.

Look, nobody is throwing bricks at anybody.

Both teams need to draw better. CFL in southern Ontario is still a work in progress and looks to be progressing.

30,000 is a very good CFL crowd, but honestly, for Skydome that's not enough.

Sure Hamilton hasn't sold its 13,000 seats yet and the available ticket deals indcate they're somewhat of a tough sell, but give it time till Sunday, and remember the unique situation playing n another city in a sub par facility (no matter how much you dress it up)

If you are not a CFL fan or a Ticat fan , it is going to be a tough sell in Guelph or Hamilton , certain fans are ticked off for many reasons and when you lose a significant amount of those hard core fans for this year at least and you are playing in a foreign place , you have to rely on the fringe fan or tire kickers , shall we say . That's a tough business , I know I would not go across the road to see the raptors or blue jays cause I have no interest in them -------so we are where we are .-------Having said that, I believe the fans will come through and sell out most of the games in Guelph, I hope those disenchanted ter ones will come to a few as well , cause it is a nice place to watch a game ---- overall I have confidence in Ticat fans , they are historically late buyers of tickets to games.

I think a big part of it is weekend games draw poorly during the summer here.

Canadian summers are short, and people tend to go away or do something else. Normally these would be week night games, but either the lighting is inadequate or they were concerned about Hamiltonians driving to Guelph when they have to work the next day.

So weekend games it is.

Me? I'm going away this weekend and recording the game.

Sigh -- all the more reason why this whole stadium situation is so....( nevermind)

The sooner the 2013 season is over, the better!

The problem is that this team is called the HAMILTON Tiger Cats. I suspect for some, the situation is similar to the Bills playing some of their home game in Toronto. No matter how you try to sell it, this is not YOUR team, but a visiting team using your stadium to sell you tickets.

[b]" You mean you consider the Leafs and Raptors to be major league teams ???

More like major league Jokes !![/b]

I didn't suggest that some of these teams were good, but they do play in major North American leagues, and for some ticket buyers, that's all that matters.

There is a combined population of about 650,000 in the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Guelph alone. That's within about a one-half hour's drive from the stadium.
Come on ... 13,000 seats!