A note To MR Young

Its with very mixed emotions that i write this letter and hope that you read it.
I will not go into the facts of how ignorant and narrowminded are mayor and councillors are. I can only say this
As a fan of 28 years of our beloved tigercats it pains me to read the words you say that they will be gone at the end of the 2011 seasons.
In my years of a ticat fan they have provided good times and joy to me throught my life. they became an inspiration to a very sick nephew of mine and were his shear joy he wore the black and gold colurs loud and proud.
And up until now some of my greatest things to look forward to have been ticat seasons.

In this city we have lost Many sports teams ( canucks redwings, dukes, soccer teams lacrosse teams etc etc) but theres always been one team that has stood the test of time infact 141 years and thats the HAMILTON TIGER CATS yes they to have had there moments but some how always pulled through… up untill now that is.
the other nite when i heard the news that you were pulling out i thought much like are counicillors ( what a hard headed etc etc) but then i thought
You brought this team back from deaths door youve invested in this city the team AND THE FANS and it simply aint working anymore.
Bob i understand that NOOne is in bussiness to lose year after year after year and it makes sense to me that you should be able to work hand and hand with our city reps but unfourtunately they cant see how too.
with all that said i want to thank you for everything youve i appreciate that you will keep them here till the end of your lease at IVOR WYNNE thats a big commitment on your part.
As for me i have broughten many new faces to the games and will continue in support of you and the team. I will do that this year because ive made a committment to season tickets.
As for next year i say no i wont be buying tickets or any merchandise for the simple reason that theres no hope when the final gun blows on the 2011 season the ticats are no more THE HAMILTON TIGER CATS.
BUT i hope that mayor picklehead eisenburger and his 11 other idiots buy every single ticket from you for the last game and donate them to the real ppl that make hamilton what it is not what they dream of it to be.

I hope something could be figured out between u and new council by the end of this year but i understand you can only be slapped kicked and punched so many times before it starts to hurt and you cant take it any more.


Bob, please, I plead of you to stick to your guns. Do not cave to the city and their WH site. Hopefully we can stay close to this area (Burlington would be my first choice). I will be the first one in line to renew my four season tickets in our new stadium wherever we go. I will stick with you and support you all the way.... :cowboy: a life long Ti-Cat fan...and a soldier for Bob. regards Buckwheat


Let the city build their 15,000 seat stadium (won't happen) in the toxic stew WH site. Maybe the councillors could use it for touch football (as no one has the stones to play real football). They could have their own league with the BIA and the lefties. :cowboy:

The BIA dose not support the Stadium without the Ticats but Downtown BIA dose.


One thing I would like to add though, is if the Cats move to a neighbouring community (Aldershot?) I will definitely follow. The Cats can still be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats according to "Ma Bell", otherwise why do the good folks in Aldershot have Hamilton telephone exchanges? :lol:


now go and wash your mouth (typing fingers?) out with soap. You'll feel much better. :lol:

In the end there has to be one team from southern Ontario that can vie for Lord Grey's mug, this part of the country deserves that opportunity each year to go after the championship trophy. And Ottawa isn't really southern Ontario in my books.

Yeah, you're right Onknight..my mistake. Anyway Bob will have many options to play with here and the WH is not one of them. Mayor (slippery as an eel) Fred has painted himself into a corner trying to force the Caretaker into his toxic mess. Now the city loses the stadium and the Cat's. Let them live with that. The WH supporters can all now ride down there on their bicycles and sing kumbayha while sipping on their herbal teas...maybe they can discuss how their businesses are going to grow now. :cowboy:

I just created an account to be able to post something very similar, you beat me to the punch and quite eloquently I might add.

If I may add my 2 cents as well.

To Mr. Young, I’d like to thank you for the investment you’ve made in our city, team and fans. I understand your frustration, but please don’t move the team from Hamilton.

On this board you call yourself Caretaker and that’s a very apt name. You are indeed the caretaker of our team. If I may be a bit dramatic, the caretaker of the hopes and dreams of a lot of Hamiltonians.

I implore you to do whatever is necessary to keep the team in Hamilton.

I was born and raised in this town and have worked here my entire life.

I’m now 45. My young family and I just bought a house on the west mountain last month and things are tight.
From my end I’ll promise you I’ll be attending each remaining home game this year to show my support.
Something I havn’t been able to afford recently, but I believe a show of support is needed at this point.

The Cats are a part of the fabric of my very being, and that’s probably true of many Hamiltonians.

It will be a dark day indeed if we lose our beloved team.

I understand that business is business, but I believe this transcends simple dollars and cents.

The intrinsic value of this team to many of us is priceless.

Please do what you can.

It why I will not spend another dollar Downtown unless it at 1 Jarvis st

I am boycotting the Downtown ..and all Members of the downtown BIA.

Yeah, it sure makes you want to avoid downtown unless you know your merchant has some reasoning ability to see through this Mayor farce.

I am asking eveyone who a Ticats Fan and Shops downtown to ask this when they shop downtown

are you a Member of the Towntown BIA?

If they are Get up and walk out.. don't buy there..

Boycott there Stores !!

Ouch, Give your head a shake man, what made you say that.....Argo's? I'd rather be dead than Double Blue. :cowboy:

....that's a little dracionian, no? So we should put a "Little guy" who is a part of the BIA out of business because of the Councils decision? Wow :roll:

I'd hardly call a few barrels of chemicals a toxic stew. Man, some people have gone way overboard on something that can be cleaned up.

I had a listen to Bob's interview earlier today, and it reinforced my support for him.


The lefties at City Hall can now enjoy their new "Bungle by the Bay", if indeed it ever gets built, while Bob takes the team to greener pastures.

I for one, will support the team, if its in Aldershot.


As many others have done before, I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Young. I'm a life long Ti-Cat fan who was stuck living 6 hrs away (Sudbury), for 50 years. I drove down twice for a game, I tell you finding Ivor Whynne was an adventure for out of townners like me, before Google maps, and GPS units came along. When a job oportunity openned up here in Hamilton, we jumped on it. The thought of being a real fan added greatly to the attractiveness of this city. That was 4 years ago, and I have attended 90% of the home games and 1 montreal road trip with the team. I have felt the highs and the lows, as a real fan. If Mr. Young had not save this team, I would not have experienced any of it. I will always be a Ti-Cat fan reguardless of where they play. If I can get to the game using public transportation, I will attend ; not out of loyalty to the team, though I am, not out of deep respect for Mr. Young, though I do, but because itès the best way to spend a few hours I have found (without using performance enhancing drugs, if you know what I mean...)

It might be 3rd and long but I have faith in our quarterback.

To echo a lot of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. Young(Caretaker)! Thanks to you, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats do indeed still exist. Hamilton's mayor and city council have done you, the team & the fans wrong and that is appalling. Whereever you choose to have the team play, I will support it, at least when I visit my hometown/province.

I love the idea of Aldershot as it provides easy access for us the fans and highway visibility which is what you're looking for. We the fans deserve the team not moved to Quebec or further east and I believe that you won't disregard the teams loyal fan base for that.

Just begin negotiations with Aldershot/Burlington whenever you feel it appropriate. You have always done right by the team and I only expect you'll continue to!

Thank you sir!

better yet sit tight till we get rid of these idiots in office get some people in who can see the forest for the trees who are willing and appreciate your willing and egarness lets do something right here where it all began 141 years ago