A note on the Likes-related Badge(s)

RE: Higher Love badge affected by Likes limit setting - fixed

Since i increased the Likes limit a few weeks ago, it affected some of the existing badges, namely the Higher Love badge. this badge is a system badge and automatically awarded to those who reach their likes limit x 5 days. however those parameters are not changeable and based on the limit setting, not entering or setting the number 50 (or 100 for that matter). so when i change the Likes limit setting, that badge's query changes.

thus, people who reached their daily limit of 50 x 5 days were rightfully given the award before i changed the likes limit setting, but now the award states that they achieved the limit of 100 likes for 5 days when that is not the case. since i cannot change the settings for the Higher Love award, i created a custom Badge called the Higher Love 50 and awarded to all those who did get this specific badge, and cleared them from the existing Higher Love award, which it seems no one has achieved since i changed it - if they did, they must have received the badge already previously. at any rate, going forward the Higher Love 50 badge won't be awarded because there is no 50 Likes limit, and the Higher Love badge will correctly be awarded to and list those who do achieve the stated 100 likes x 5 days achievement.

there weren't many people who had achieved this badge. if you get a notice that you received it today, this is why.

i hope this makes sense. if anyone has any questions, please post here. thanks!


RE: Crazy in Love badge affected - fixed

i also did the same thing with the Crazy in Love badge. nobody should have this badge yet because it is defined as 100 likes in 20 days. but some people did achieve it when the likes limit was 50 and so i created another badge called the Crazy in Love 50 badge and awarded it to those that had the previous one.


I don’t think anyone could have gotten the 100 likes award badge yet.

I think the 50 likes badge 5 times was overall and didn’t have to be 5 days in a row, which would be next to impossible.

There was also a badge for 50 likes 20 times and I don’t know if you have done anything with that.

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yea i have to look at that one too

this one


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Yup. Except no one could have earned that badge yet.

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yea i'll have to do the same for that one.

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ok fixed the Crazy in Love badge in a similar way. there is a Crazy in Love 50 badge now that has been awarded but now superseded.

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