A note from the moderator

Wow. That was a crazy 24 hours on the board. I just spent the last 45 minutes deleting deeply political, offensive and totally non-football posts. I have issued one 30 days ban (which I take no pleasure in). The league mod has banned the guy who joined yesterday to stir things up (and so many of you long-time members obliged!).

If anyone mentions, CNN, the Clintons, Ezra Levant, you will be banned for 6 months - as in see you next year.

When you see something crazy on here - please don't engage. Send a report.

Don't engage in one-on-one personal debates / arguments about non-football topics. At best it is deeply boring for other readers.

I moderate (and I'm pretty sure I'm the only mod on the TiCat forum regularly) as a hobby, but I don't have hours to devote to it. Please help my job easier by keeping the above in mind.

There are some deeply knowledgeable football fans on this board, Occasionally we get into topics (for example Colin Kapernick's protest) that raise political issues. Let's try to maintain a barbershop decorum around those issues.

Thanks! and Oskie Wee Wee!

Hey great post!!
If only you could try to stop people raising threads about the same subject. Twenty separate threads raised in the past 24 hours talking about the same thing.

Apparently many fans thought this to be a gut-wrenching issue, deeply affecting "their" team and others' perception of both the team and of its fans. I don't find that a bad thing, and do think it is indicitive of some internal problems with the team management.

However, as has been requested, it's time to return to more directly related football issues, if this sentence even makes sense.

That's a very good point. The program does not (as far as I can tell) allow threads to be combined. I have deleted some repeat ones and locked others.