A note about moderating the factions on the Ti-Cat forum and some guidelines for moving forward

Hello All,

I have reached out to a few of you in the past few days to ask that you lay-off the personal jabs and pokes that have been flying back-and-forth on the forum between two factions? camps? I was slow on the uptake on this for the past season but I really hope we can set a new tone for the new year.

Here's the plan:

  1. Don't make personal jabs, especially the subtle ones that you know might provoke someone in the competing camp.

  2. Flag posts when people do take personal shots. "Flagged" posts are anonymous except to the mods. Flagging really helps with moderation. I get busy with my day job and unless I click on a thread I don't see that it's blowing up. If you flag a post an email gets sent to all of the mods and the mod can click on a link and deal with it right away. To that end I have asked the other mods to let me take the lead on moderating the Ti-Cat forum as some of the nuance of the personal attacks is lost on other mods who don't have the pleasure of your regular company :wink:.

  3. To create some goodwill try clicking "Like" when someone who you don't usually agree with says something you actually do like. Believe me, it happens.

  4. Here are a few things to keep in mind when posting:

  • This was a tough seasons, posters are allowed to be negative. Don't criticize the poster.

  • Avoid sarcasm. It can be grating.

  • If your post doesn't say something about football or the T-Cats don't click submit.

  • Avoid "You" statements.

  • Garney can criticize Masoli all day long. Scroll on by if it's not your jam.

  • We are all REAL fans (who else would be on this site?!)

  • Do not comment on grammar or typos.

Keep in mind, the CFL forums get thousands of visitors everyday. This is not a bar with a handful of regulars despite appearances. Imagine a casual or new Ti-Cat fan coming on to the forum and seeing some of the nonsense that goes on. I don't think they'll likely stick around and that's everybody's loss. For the most part, this is a great source of all things Ti-Cats. It's my go-to for Ti-Cat news. I don't personally know many Ti-Cat fans - so you guys are it for me.

The Grey Cup loss was tough and I'm sure the slow grind of Covid has everyone down. Here's to a great season in 2022!


Thank you!! Love talking Ticats and some feel the need to make this personal. Much needed change.


On a positive note, I personally noticed improvement over the last few weeks. Keep it up, the CFL is better with all of us.

I say this with sincerity. :black_heart::orange_heart:


Well put Guelph! Thanks for your work here.


I agree. Great guidelines set out by Guelphcatsfan. Hopefully everybody complies.


I think we should add the following forum rule:

All posts about Glen Suitor are allowed. No exceptions.


I agree . Glen is a wonderful man and is universally loved by all . If only all TSN CFL employees could be as unbiased as Mr . Suitor , well just think what a wonderful world it would be . :earth_americas: :angel:


I keep trying to get into one of the factions, but no dice, sigh


So now the real fans know who to blame when comments get dropped :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I've often thought that when a mod deletes a post, he should have the courtesy to pm the poster to let him know and say why. It might help to resolve some obvious inconsistencies or a suspicion of playing favourites.


That's a fair point. I'll try to make sure that happens more often. I can't promise every poster will get a note because of the practicalities of this being a volunteer gig and people posting 24/7/365. My forum viewing outside of work (I am self-employed - otherwise I would be in trouble!) happens on my too-small iphone. If I see a personal attack and I'm on my phone I will often hit the delete button. The new forum gives the mods the option of also deleting subsequent replies to that post - If I'm busy and don't have time to read through those replies - I'll delete all the replies, figuring the odds are the replies are more personal back and forth attacks. That's probably not always the case and an otherwise non-personal reply gets deleted. That may continue to happen.

Some posts that have foul language will be deleted. Swearing and even "f!@%" is against the Rules. When I have time I will edit and replace offending words. In real life I have a foul mouth. But I would never swear around a kid (and I doubt anyone here would either) and that's something to keep in mind when posting - there is no age limit for viewers or posters. So if my 12 year old daughter is getting into the Ti-Cats and goes on the forum, I don't mind if she sees the odd bit of profanity. But I do mind if she sees a gross post invoking Glen Suitor and oral sex. Those posts get deleted.

So you know, the site doesn't automatically allow for a message to a poster when a post is deleted. I wish it did. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of extra effort. Posts with personal attacks or excessive swearing with little football related content will get deleted and I'm less likely to take time out of my evening etc. to notify the poster.

In a perfect world, I could quit my day job, move to an island and moderate 24/7. In the meantime, I will try to make sure you get a note if a post is deleted. Also - feel free to shoot me a message if a post gets deleted. One cool feature of the new forum is I can click on the moderation history of a thread and see what other mods have been up to.


So you're saying I should hold off on that custom No. 13 "GUELPH" jersey for next season? :grinning:

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I got into fractions in grade four.


What's is this grade four you speak of ?

it is the grade you would have went into if you had ever passed grade three :slight_smile:

Oh, never got past grade two, so that actually makes sense now.

Did you learn about improper factions ? In the Caribbean they were vulgar factions . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the old guy's IQ is the reciprocal of his smarter brother)

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Glad to see that this thread is now firmly in the camp of the idiotic faction. Sorry, Guelph. I was given an opening....

AND TOOK IT! :grin:

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It wouldn't be a Ti-Cat thread if it didn't veer off course! Maybe we can morph it into a "concessions at THF" thread?