a non-bonehead assessment of the Calgary game

-Paopao's offense (which is getting unfairly ripped by a lot of fans) didn't produce touchdowns, but they ate the clock up nicely in the 4th and got critical first downs when they had to. And Maas' pass to Quinnie proves that Maas CAN throw the deep ball, and Quinnie (who has great speed) SHOULD start in place of the invisible man, Kamau Peterson. I like our offence. It will explode soon.

-We got absolutely ripped by the non-call when Maas got piled on by the two Calgary defenders in the 4th. Calgary never would have had a chance to win it if that call was made properly.

-Boreham should be replaced by Ruffin immediately. Enough of this inconsistency. Boreham's killing the team with these clutch misses.

-Our D played very well up until Calgary's last possession. I taped the game and was impressed with how our DB's played better in the second half. I think a big problem is that Justin started. When Kornegay replaced him at corner, the Stampeders weren't connecting on as many long completions. The D-Line never gave up, getting to Burris and causing fumbles. Collier is a good addition. I also like the fact that our defenders tried to strip the ball whenever the opportunity arose. Good agressiveness. Speaking of which, START GORDON IN SHAW'S PLACE! Shaw dropped a sure TD early in the game (huge mistake), while Gordon is the physical presence we need back there. Why doesn't Reed see this?

-On Calgary's last possession, Reed is ENTIRELY to blame. No team should be able to move the ball 40 yards in 10 seconds when the other team knows that that is exactly what the first team has to do. If Reed keeps his D agressive with 15 seconds left, we win. Once again, we gave this one away. I'm getting really tired of saying that in 2006.

You make some good points, i agree with basically all of it.

Good observations on Kavis, Boreham and the D adjustments.

The defensive adjustments were pretty impressive considering how badly they got ripped all through the first half. But seriously, that last possession... Man, I don't know what to think about that.

I'm pretty sure Kornegay solidified his spot as a starter on the team. I know Glen Suitor already said that last night, but I agree with him.

Boreham should be replaced by Ruffin immediately. Enough of this inconsistency. Boreham's killing the team with these clutch misses
I have to say something about this comment, for what it is worth i am not pro or con for Boreham. I just think before we start calling for someone’s head we should find out if Ruffin can play or not. Chuck Tack didn’t work out and there were many posts last year calling him the next OZ..

No disrespect to you ticatsackattack, just my 2 cents


I find it hard to believe i am about to praise a quarterback after our offense struggled like it did but.... DON'T give up on Maas. He made some key throws last night. And he's giving it all he has in a very tough situation. Most of all, though, the guy has heart. He'd run every down, and take the punishment, if that's what it took to win. Give him some time, decent play selection, and protection (Randall looks overweight and badly outclassed at tackle), and it will come.

The prevent def will usualy prevent you from winning and it did.
And why take a knee at the end of the 2nd 14 with 9 or 10 seconds left. throw the dam ball