A New Ticat FAn

I just wanted everyone in Tigertown to know that Box Eh has a new member. Jackson Hall was born yesterday at MAC at 11:47am. Weighing in at approx 7lbs. A little scare for a while but everything seems to be coming along just fine now as hopefully baby will be out of ICU tomorrow. :thup:

Congrats to BoxEHHatboy1(Cory) and Cathy. Not to mention Nolan who is now a big brother

Hopefully he can make it to the opener on Saturday if not we understand. :roll:

Congratulations Box EH and family.

Train him in the true TIGER CAT tradition!!

Yeah! More fans, and a cool name to boot.

Have some pictures taken and submit them to the website. You know, that website.


That's Great!! All the best to the family. We'd love to see some pics as soon as they're available.

Congrats boxEh and family. Sorry about to hear about the scare. But you have to know that Jackson is in the best place in the country right now. The MAC ICU saved my daughters life. They are amazing people at MAC.

My hopes and prayers are with your family.


Congratulations to Cory and Cathy, hope everything is well....that name reminds me of another famous Hall...Tom T., who said "God bless little children when they're still to young to hate"...Argos that is.
And I've always wondered...do Ticat fans dress their boy babies in blue. :stuck_out_tongue:


When my son was born he was never in Blue.. It was always Black and Gold..lol

To this day it hurts to see him wear blue..lmao