a new stadium in ottawa

Instead of all this bickering of what to do with FCS in Lansdowne Park. Personally I fell they should just put a new stadium out in Katana by Scotiabank Centre! Course, a new stadium is what they're trying not to do...

I've heard nothing but bad things about the Scotiabank Center. I think alot of people wouldn't be happy with that. I don't get the problem with where its at now, even a new stadium. The people who live in the area have me scratching my head. You choose to live by a football stadium then complain about the football team, what did you think was going to happen at the stadium, ballet. I don't get that at all. Thats like moving beside an airport then protesting about the noise from the air traffic.

You definatly want the stadium in the city, make it a part of the community. Haveing Scotiabank place out of town is stupid, its cheap, traffic accessable. But takes away from the experiance of being a part of the city. transit accessable and close to restaurants and other attractions is key.

It's too bad that Ottawa doesn't have a run down part of downtown where people would love a new stadium for some urban renewal.

I think the best design would be like BMO,but with more stands at the endzones,from what i've seen BMO doesn't have as many seats on one goal area compared to the other.

BMO was only 26mill,and it went up quick,nice seats there also,altough more concrete would need to be used since when they telivise games there the fans make the cameras shake, and it would be the best football experence in the CFL,a real stadium not 2 grand stands and a feild or even worse a huge dome with empty seats

Then they could hold concerts and even get a MLS team or atleast a USL-1 team,

I was thinking the Rideau River Park next to Hurdman station would be a great place if they wanted to build a new stadium. It has good road access and bus access plenty of room for parking and they could also build a new rink for the ottawa 67's :smiley:

That water front Stadium in Vancouver could be a good design for a Stadium. I know it’s only 15,000 but it can be can expanded to 30,000. It’ll cost 70 million to build but could be alot cheaper just by the fact Ottawa wouldn’t have to build up land for half the stadium.

The neww stadium would have alot of uses

GEE-GEE's football and Soccer
High School
Outdoor hockey? (winter Classic) or the 67's
and others like hosting sporting events of other kinds

The probleam is thats to far east.You need to stay close enough to the like of kanata.A large amount of the sports gooers come from west ottawa.

Is there a site in Nepean that would be big enough to build a stadium.

The last place we need a stadium is way out in Kanata or anywhere else in the suburbs.
It has to be downtown - just rebuild the south side lower deck.

The trend in every major city in North America is to build a stadium downtown usually on the waterfront. The idea is to bring people downtown to the restaurants/entertainment.
It has to be central so people in the West/East/South and Gatineau can get to it easily.
Landsdowne Park was there long before the locals in that area and it belongs to all of the people in Ottawa.

If Melnyk gets an MLS franchise, the Hunt group would most likely team up with him. :cowboy: http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/new ... b8185415f4

An MLS Franchise - that would be great.
More use for a stadium and more justifiication for
re-building the South Side of Frank Clair.
When the FIFA U-20 was held in Ottawa, it was hard to get a ticket.

It only makes sense to have a multi-use facility... :cowboy:

Sounds exciting

High_Five, you should really cut down. Those things will kill you.

There’s nothing like good smoke… :cowboy:

I hate how a CFL team can never get a new stadium, but as soon as mention is made of an MLS team possibility, a stadium is feasible. I hate how we can't get anything just for a Canadian team - we have to wait for an American team to justify it.

That's an interesting take on it. I hadn't thought of it that way.

Well, if it's any consolation, it doesn't seem to have had much impact in terms of getting Frank Clair rebuilt. At least not yet.

The possibility had been brought up during those public consultations but the anti-stadium people shrugged it off because there was no proof it would ever happen. Now they can't do that anymore. That's the extent of it's usefulness so far, from what little I've seen.