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Hey everyone! We’re two former CBC Sports employees, with a podcast from the Vancouver sports fan perspective. Our latest show is the CFL vs the NFL, and one of us thinks the CFL is a joke. Listen to the show and come onto Facebook to tell him he's a fool. We want to hear from you!

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Hey everyone - we've posted another show! It recaps the loss of Gordie Howe and the triumph of Brooke Henderson, plus a conversation about the coverage of the National Sports Networks in Canada. As always, we do a best and worst in Garbage Time.

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Hey Guy. Just a note to let you know, anyone who thinks the CFL is a joke is: (A) clueless, uninformed about professional sport and a joke themselves or (B) one of those shock jock wannabes who tries to get any kind of reaction good or bad.

Neither of these is worth my time, so thanks for the warning and saving me from wasting any more time than I already do.

Unlike the previous clown who tried to comment on your podcast without even hearing it, I actually took the time to listen to your NFL/CFL discussion.

Obviously you're looking for reaction from overly sensitive types rushing to defend the honour of "Canada's game" against some perceived slight. You're chasing the wrong demographic, my friend - - forget the thin skinned flag wavers.

Instead of another tired NFL/CFL comparison, focus on something more in depth that knowledgeable CFL fans would be interested in. Apparently your concept is Vancouver centric, so breakdown the Lions defensive personnel...or discuss if Jonny Jennings or The Little Red Haired Gimp will take the most snaps this season...or grade out the NIs on BC and where they slot in relation to the rest of the league.

Lastly - - but most importantly - - you need to work on your delivery. There's a fine line between being monotone and being the excitable jackass, but you've got to dial it up a bit. Because the way your podcast currently stands, I wouldn't recommend it to friends or foes - - I'd recommend it people who suffer from insomnia.

That's hilarious coming from this site's only psychotic clown, the one who craves any type of attention.

Troll51, CFL.ca's own shock jock. Too funny "my friend"! The good thing is you can release your anger here and that Canada does have some sort of gun control. Just thought of a new name for you, "My friend Doink"

I have read a lot of his posts. The 51 in his name is his IQ. :lol:

Thanks to those who have given us a listen and given your opinion. If you gave us a chance in one of our first few episodes you should come back and give us another chance now that we have a over 10 episodes under our belt.

In episodes 10 and 11 we take a look at the growth of Lions quarterback Jonathon Jennings. From his tough finish in the overtime loss to the Stampeders, to his ability to put that loss behind him and dominate in Montreal.

All though Facebook and Twitter seem all the rage with the majority of people, those that use that medium exclusively miss out on those of us who dont.

Good decision to take my advice and put a bit of thought and effort into some actual CFL discussion instead of that desperate attempt to create "controversy" with the pointless NFL/CFL debate.

In all seriousness though, the monotone delivery and inane banter schtick really needs some work.

I think Timid Sid have the market cornered on inane banter. And Drain Forde is the Marquis of Monotone! These are just two CBC guys trained up in their prototypical semi-reserved style.

PS. Bob McCown and his rotating schlubs have really filled the schlub-void created when Michael Landsberg went down!

Come on, A51, please don't do that. :thdn:

Good luck on your podcast, guys, but please support the CFL. We love it here.

I always appreciate inexperienced tryers - trying to make their way thru the sewage of sports thought.

So good luck to you both.

But as A51 says - try focussing on things relating to football, not just paltry attendance, sketchy ownership or Rot Crap announcing!

Lost me at,''We’re two former CBC Sports employees''

Feedback appreciated as always everyone! If you have more thoughts on our delivery or topics, please send it to us.

Our latest show is up, and we talk a little about the Lions, and the Wally Buono effect.

We'd like to know your thoughts on Chris Jones, from his little spat with Dave Dickenson, the fines from the league, and the on field product in Regina.

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Here is an interesting CFL Podcast from south of the border:



Great show again this week, as we kick it off by discussing that terrible blown fumble call in the Lions-Bombers game. Should the league own up to the mistake? Is a bad call like that a window into bigger issues facing the league? Have a listen and let us know what you think.