A new spark in the stands

I, like most of you, am losing my emotional connection to the ti-cats. I make it to the games whenever I can and make a point to get endzone seats as I find the fans to be much more enthusiastic when they've paid less money to see their team lose. Unfortunately, throughout this season, I've notieced that this enthusiasm is also dying among the fans. However, in the midst of the booing ti-cat-no-longer-faithful and the fights with our provincial rival fans, I noticed the 4 young men (the fan of the game, and his dread hat, pink hat, and no hat counterparts) who made it onto the big screen countless times and deservedly so. It seemed that these four were dedicated to supporting their team no matter what the score and that's something I miss from when I used to go to games in past years. The Box J boys used to supply that thunder, that inspiration but through the generations, they seem to have lost it when they're uninspired by the team and it has become more of a coveted title than a duty to raise the fan enthusiasm. Hopefully this won't be the last we see of these 4 young men and they will help make these games that much more enjoyable again (at least as much fun as the game can be without the team winning).

and which one of the 4 are you?

I’m a no. Giving out prizes only encourages the morons and does little to encourage the already enthusiastic fans.

Speaking of guys with hats, a few times they showed a guy on the screen wearing a red or pink sombrero. (maybe one of the guys you were talking about.)
Who the hell wears a sombrero to a football game, or any spectator event for that matter? When I saw it I was hoping the person behind him would knock it off his head.

I disagree, are we not here to encourage enthusiasm and loud crouds rather we are discouraging against the norm. Who's to say we aren't aloud to wear sombrero, we're not out here to critic someones apparel, yet follow the cats and enjoy ourselves socially as ticat fans

Because the guy behind you paid just as much for his ticket as you did and your stupid giant hat is blocking his view of the game.

okay, now waiting for the obligatory "you're better off not seeing that game anyway" reply.

I'd just like to say that when I watch games in other cities, EVERYONE is dressed up and EVERYONE is loud. That is the kind of excitement I miss seeing at Ivor Wynne.