a new OC Coach? Marcel Bellefeuille

Sunday, December 16, 2007

By Herb Zurkowsky,
Montreal Gazette

As yet another coordinator prepares for his departure from the Alouettes, the Canadian Football League team's thorough and exhaustive search for a new head coach seems to have reached a merciful end.

And with a stunning result.

The Als are expected to announce the hiring of Marc Trestman as their new coach, perhaps as early as tomorrow, The Gazette has learned. At the same time, don't be surprised if the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announce the addition of Marcel Bellefeuille to their staff. Bellefeuille was the Als' offensive coordinator in 2007, after serving as the team's running-backs and receivers coach the previous season. Bellefeuille, who couldn't be reached for comment, is expected to join the Ticats in a similar capacity.

Trestman's arrival in Montreal, however, can only be viewed as a surprising turn of events. Although Trestman was a guest coach at the Als' spring training camp, he spent only three days at the Fort St. Jean campus as an observer and has virtually no CFL experience. Perhaps that's why he has been calling other CFL teams, seeking out potential assistants.

When Als president Larry Smith announced almost three weeks ago that general manager Jim Popp was relinquishing his coaching duties, he stressed the importance of finding someone with CFL experience - preferably a former head coach.

Among the candidates interviewed were Tom Higgins, a former head coach with Calgary and Edmonton; Toronto offensive coordinator Steve Buratto, who has head coaching experience with Calgary and British Columbia; and Greg Marshall and Richie Hall, defensive coordinators with Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, respectively.

Buratto and Higgins, reached yesterday in Idaho and Alberta, respectively, said they've heard nothing from the Als. Marshall is visiting family in Oregon and couldn't be reached for comment.

On Friday night, Smith told The Gazette the search has been narrowed to three candidates and the announcement would be made before Christmas.

Trestman's an experienced coach - all of it coming in the U.S., however. He was an assistant head coach at Miami in 2004 and was offensive coordinator with Oakland when the Raiders reached the Super Bowl in 2003. He has made seven other NFL stops since 1985 and most recently spent two seasons as the offensive coordinator at North Carolina State University. He's also a former quarterback at the University of Minnesota and a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law.

Bellefeuille becomes the third coordinator to leave, all before the appointment of a new coach, indicating issues exist in the front office. But because

Bellefeuille's a francophone, the Als, already battling image problems after an 8-10 season and an opening-round playoff loss, figure to take a further hit.

Bellefeuille was interviewed for the Montreal job, as was defensive coordinator Chris Jones. Once Jones knew he wasn't getting the post, he signed with Calgary last Thursday as its defensive coordinator. Similarly, Bellefeuille must have realized he was out of the running in Montreal, leading him to sign with Hamilton.

Ticats head coach Charlie Taaffe said yesterday he had met Bellefeuille, but was otherwise non-committal.

"He's got experience. He has had success as a coordinator. He's a quality coach. I got to know him better and we'll see where it goes. But I'm going to interview people for the better part of the week," Taaffe said.

The third Als coordinator, Noel Thorpe, who ran special teams while also coaching the secondary, signed with Edmonton last month.

old news my friend. already posted.
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Here is the discussion that has been underway.

The main point is still true,
no decision has been made.

Be scared about Beullefuille, be very scared! Just ask the Allouette and Rider posters. Here's what he'll do with Printers.

1st Down Pass 2 yards
2nd Down Pass 4 yards
3rd Down Punt.

Every now and then he'll throw an incomplete pass in there.

Be scared Ti-Cat fans, be very scared!

His teams make the playoffs every year so he must be doing something right. Also, has a ton of experience.

The teams he assisted with may very well have made the playoffs but the Als had a very poor year offensively last season and the Riders offence wasn't spectacular during his stay there. Its good to see that we are looking at coaches with Canadian football backgrounds but I'm not sure this choice is a wise one. I'd like to see a coach with more success or a former CFL QB that would be riky but highly rewarding if his communications skills as a coach match that as a player

Saskatchewan's offence improved after Bellefeuille left.

Montreal's offence declined after Bellefeuille's arrival.


Sasketchewan's talent increased.

Montreal's decreased.


I’m thinking the talent level wasn’t the main factor.

Talent isnt a main factor in Sasketchewan winning the Grey Cup and Montreal finishing 3rd?

Was it the injury to Calvillo? The addition of Wes Cates? DJ Flick and maturity of Andy Fantuz?

Nah must have been Bellefeuille

Cahoon was hurt alot too.

Second guessing Obie and Taaffe over a hiring that hasnt happened yet and six months before the first snap.

Gotta love TC fans.

LOL, it's going to be one LOOOONNNNGGG offseason!

Given generally the same talent level as what he inherited Kent Austen and crew took the Riders to the next level. My hats off to the coaching staff. Meanwhile in Montreal THE DON was fired only to see the Als tank it with EXACTLY the same team. My barbs to the coaching staff

I would have to think Popp had a large say in the teams offensive strategy.

Plus, Marcel might work out well. Focus mostly with WR and RBs as Taaffe focuses on the QB's etc

Well, I just saw this clip:
TSN : CFL - Canada's Sports Leader:
stating that Costanza was hired as 'Receivers' Coach' for Calagay. So maybe we can still get SEINFELD?
The Eagle :thup: :thup: :thup:

I want Krammer

I want Neuman.

Correction: I want Elaine!

OK I want Elaine too but not as a football coach

You "two" like the same show? How about Law and Order? :wink:

I don't like the show, I knowenough about it to make a joke here and there. Law and Order never watched it once