A New NI Fullback

Not Darryl Stephenson.

But Jon Oosterhuis, Mr. Versatility, will have the inside track on the job come camp. At 275 lbs Big Jon is a load, plus he has lined up at TE for us before and has caught a couple TD passes. Should be interesting.

Not sure that Stephenson would be in the running for a full time fullback role. I mean the guy led the nation in rushing twice, set the CIS rookie rushing record, and won the Hec Crighton - an award not usually handed out to fullbacks.

...I like Ooster.....he's a man of many talents....Converting him to fullback(ni) is a great idea....I pity the poor guy ,who's the initial tackler, when he gets going...Something like standing in front of a semi.......Lets see.....Joe Smith ...with Ooster leading the way....the words 'trampled'....'flattened'....come to mind... :lol: :lol:

HELL YA! talk about some power running football down by the goal-line.

This is a real nice resigning for us. He is Canadian and can play FB, TE and interior dline.