A New Kicker in Town.

According to Drew Edward's Scratching Post the Tiger-Cats have a new kicker on the roster in Danny Hrapmann from Southern Mississippi here is the link and you can watch a video on the player http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/

I guess Hrapman will Duke it out with Congi for the kickers job?

still puzzled as to why the Cats have not invited FA PK Derek Schiavone for an audition.

Derek has had splendid success in spot duty with the Esks over 4 years, hitting 39/45 for a very impressive 86.7% accuracy rate.

and is also a coveted NI as well.

nothing against Danny Hrapmann, although as an import the club will be required to do some ratio shuffling, whereas Bartel could be an incidental casualty if DH assumes both kicking positions.

What about Setta?


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Or this guy...watch his video. Best kicker vid EVER

He was 3 for 3 including a 50 yarder in preseason with Detroit before being given his release.

yes, forgot about Havard Rugland who also hit on a 49 yarder as well.

Lions fans were pulling for him although the powers that be foolishly decided to stay with the veteran Akers even though he's had an atrocious 2012 campaign (69%) and currently hitting on just 50% FGA

and being Norwegan and not having played American football, he would also be classified as a coveted NI.

His published contact information is here for those who wish to entice Havard to come to the CFL. (with the Cats of course)


Twitter: @MrRugland

Textbook way to handle a problem.
You dont throw player under the bus publically, you don't blame the coordinator, you dont rant and rave in front of camera with promises of consequences with manufactured emotion.
You quietly explore avenues to address the issue - one of them being bringing in another body to look at. It sends a message to the rest of the team without losing their trust.

Take careful notes, Hervey, Reed.

Jason medlock is unemployed still, no?

Ottawa should have a capable kicker out of the gate. Unless dejardains is a moron.

This looks like an easy / great answer especially given the fact hes a NI.

Medlock will not be back this season, if ever...

[b]Justin Medlock will not be using his massive left leg to walk through the Ticats locker room door any time soon.

The former Hamilton kicker, who was an East all-star with the club in 2011, has decided to wait until next season – assuming he doesn't land an NFL job – to consider to a return to the CFL. He played for the Carolina Panthers last season and was in training camp with the Oakland Raiders this spring.

“I have been approached by multiple teams in the but I am not thinking about the CFL until 2014,? Medlock said Sunday night.[/b]

my thoughts as well.

It would be nice if someone asked Austin if they have talked to him or even if they know about they guy. I honestly think anyone is better than Congi right now but if we didn't have to snuffle the roster at all and could do a straight swap that's a huge win.

TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! An "AUSSIE" Punter and a "NORDIC" F.G Kicker......both classified as Canadians under CFL Rules :lol:


If this guy is available,SIGN HIM UP!!!!!!!!!AND FAST!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

The guy looks crazy good. If he's available, nab him.

I've sent a correspondence email to Havard with info/links to the CFL and the TiCats to hype the league and in the hopes that he may contact the club for an audition.

anyone else do the same?

good for you! you should be a consultant to the GM.

Not sure how much import should be given to a single YouTube video of any player’s highlights. In particular, I’m sure any kicker - including those we’ve already run out of town - could probably put together a video containing a dozen or so amazing kicks out of the hundreds of attempts he’s made over the years.

No past/present kicker I know of has put together a video as impressive as this.

and he did hit 3/3 for the Detroit Lions including a 50 yarder and a 49 yarder, as well as making numerous 50++ yard FG in practice. (with much room to spare)

Not to mention the uncanny accuracy and control over of all his kicks.
Show me another FA kicker with such mastery and leg strength as this Havard fellow.

I'm not saying the Cats should simply hand him the PK reins, only just to give him an audition and go from there.

Yes, it is impressive(although the final scene appears to be Photoshoped, or whatever you call the equivalent in videos). More impressive is his Lions game performance. Why was he let go again?

Given that he's a non-import, he wouldn't be on anyone's neg list. I wouldn't be surprised if he's on a few teams' radar. Could be he's holding out for a more lucrative NFL contract. Even a PR spot would pay almost as much as a CFL roster spot for a kicker. Make the roster, and we're talking huge difference. Any wonder Medlock isn't giving up yet?

He could be on someone's neg list.

The Cats got Delahunt by putting him on their neg list after he went undrafted.