Apparently a kicker in Grade 11 going onto grade 12 is kicking with the bc lions next year. Goes to Vancouver College. I saw him kick in the "subway highschool football championship " on t.v. BOOMS 65+ kickoffs ! hits 50 yard field goals. His name is Brody Mcnight

Wishful thinking. He has a few more years to prove himself kicking under presure. I'm also sure there is a minimum age for the draft. Who knows, maybe 5 years from now we'll see him in the league.

Isn't the minimum age 22 or something like that?

I think you may be right. I think you have to be the age of graduating University players to be picked in the draft.

If the Lions do sighn him then maybe they can make back to the Grey Cup and maybe win the damn thing.

Wait a minute, Aint that Duncan's real name. I always though he was a young one. :smiley:

i think casey should get the job cuz casey is desprate to play and dickson is old and he will probally retire in year or two cuz hes so old.so i think bono should stick with casey because cuz dickison is gonna expire in awhile

Hank Ilesic was 19 years old. Kennard was 20 years old.

As long as he is 18 he can be drafted.