A new expansion?

Although I know the chances of having another CFL expansion franchise are slim, it’s been bugging the hell out of that there are 9 teams in the league and not an even number. (Sounds crazy? I know) I really think that there should be another franchise. Maybe somewhere in the maritimes. Or somewhere else. Any ideas :?:

Another expansion topic?

hmmm...an expansion thread...again

theres been more?

Several. :smiley:

But what if we expanded into the States and they can use any rules they want...spend big money...go broke then shut down...will that work..lol..

Moving to the states was a BIG mistake. I chose to write a paper on it for school. Never realized how complicated and short lived it was. Also that many stars in the league today played on US teams. At least the CFL picked up some fans in the US

Your correct we picked up a few fans...the CFL was struggling..they atleast tried to do something...kind of liked the Lions vs STallions Grey cups....us against them....

Halifax Whales are starting up in 2008, don't u know? I'm the owner. Anyone wanna build me a stadium? I'll pay you after I make enough money from the beer.

lol. NB would be better. Right in the middle

Newfie...Ill send money but they have to be called the Cod Riders

That sounds kind of .... for lack of a better word ... wrong.

And I just thought of this. What the hell is a Roughrider?

Well a rough rider is a rider fan you pull behind your tractor, through all the crap in the pasture. they usually respond by saying that was a rough ride..

Maybe I should start a collection for the purchase of a franchise and stadium. All monies collected will be transferred to shares and sent back to you. PM me for my address.

How can we be sure you'll give us shares or even build a stadium. We have no idea what you could spend the money on. Maybe beer or women. Or worst of all, shares with the Riders
[cue dramatic music]
dun dun dun......

If any body is looking for shares for the Riders they are located at your local service station..just take as much as the toilet paper you want free of charge of course..lol

whoa. they have TOILET paper in Saskaboring now?
Congratulation residents of Saskabush, you are closer to the 20th Century then ever.

Yeah, and lots of us have our own teeth too. :roll:

A lot of Sask bashing on this forum. I'm starting to feel bad for y'all.

As for the money I collect for Halifax Whales, I'll keep it safe. If I collect enough I'll go ahead with the purchase. If not, I'll invest it into the next empansion team. Either way, you will get shares into the new team.

I don’t think it was a bad mistake at all expanding into the U.S. I think it was a good mistake. At least we know now that we shouldn’t have or never should expand into the States ever again.