A new discussion on the team's name, suggestions, poll

So i've been thinking about the team's name lately...

I love the idea of Rough Riders and the white R as a logo...and am totally against the Renegades name and logo (what an atrocity!).

But I also know that there will be those who are completely against 'another' Riders team in the league.

So I've come up with a few names + I'd like to get some feedback.

How about the Ottawa Stallions? Is that name still owned by Montreal? If not, could we not steal it? It fits in with the last two teams' themes and makes for a pretty good football name, no?

Sticking with the horse and war themes, I came across this medieval type of war horse, Courser...so, the Ottawa Coursers?

Or, seeing as how the new franchise might be affiliated with the renewed Carleton Ravens university football team (and their shared colours), what about the Ottawa Ravens? I know an NFL team goes by that name, but it's an idea.

And finally, going with our government history, what about something like the Ottawa Monarchs or the Ottawa Royals?

You can select your top 3 picks in the poll!

Sorry, leaving the Renegades name out of the running because I think it's garbage.

I actually like Renegades and think the other suggested names are rather lame. I would be okay with Rough Riders but that team died a long time ago while I had season tickets for the Renegades so that's where my loyalty lies.


What the heck? You forgot to include the greatest name and logo in the world:

[url=http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t94/dmont_01/ottawa5.jpg]http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t94/ ... ttawa5.jpg[/url]

I have to stick with the heritage vote here.

[b]If a team comes back to Ottawa it must be the Rough Riders.

I have said before... I will buy season tickets (cheap ones) if the RR name returns - and I live a millions miles away.

I will also buy a ton of mechandise.[/b]

WTF was all that crap??? (last 2 posts)......... Anyway...

Hi Saint Truth: I really don't like a lot of the names you chose. But I also don't want to go back to having 2 teams with the same name. That is just stupid... I don't care how you slice it! I like the Ottawa Patriots. Ya, it's an NFL name, but it works for a team from the capital. If I had to choose one of your names I guess I like the Ravens. It just has to be something that sounds cool.

dmont: The Ottawa Riflemen is ok. I like it better than Rough Riders.

Well I would guess we need a name before we get a team back here. Picking a name is like ordering pizza at a party....nobody can agree on the toppings. That being said let me throw my choice into the mix....The " OTTAWA NORTHSTARS."


Catchy short name The "STARS"
Has a Canadian feel to it.
Colors Black & Silver with Red trim.

In all honesty I could care less what you call them....just build the stadium and bring the CFL home to the Capital.

Renegades. Anything but the Rough Riders really.

Bless you, my son... lol

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_North_Stars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dallas_Stars

...it's been done.

Personally, I don't think an Ottawa franchise should to go to a third different name because fan familiarity counts for a lot. I'd prefer Rough Riders but the Renegades name is okay with me, too.

I chose the Rough Riders from the choices offered in the poll but I like the Renegades. Never did like having the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Ottawa Rough Riders names in the same league. Not that there is anything wrong with either name but why 2 teams in an 8 or 9 team league had nearly the exact same name never made much sense to me.

Rough Riders,
Too much history and a great name.
Russ Jackson played for the Rough Riders
Any analysis by the numeroligists btw?

Black and Red and a big white R. Ottawa Rough Riders. That is what people remember. They will always remember "The Catch" and that moment is burned into the minds of sports fans in the capital. It was a classic play, therefore bring it all back if that's what the people of Ottawa want.

I personally want to see the Stallions name used again as well as the uniforms from the Baltimore experiment. However I would like to see it reserved for the East Coast franchise if/when we get one. I have mentioned before about a tie in with the running wild horses on Sable Island which is technically a part of Nova Scotia. Nonetheless if Moncton gets the team that is ok too. The team will represent the whole of the Maritime-Acadia region anyhow.

"Ottawa Rough Riders"- 2013
"Maritime-Acadia Stallions"- 2013

I think Stallions would be a great name for a Quebec City team if they were able to build their stadium at the horse racing track like they were talking about. They could even use the old Baltimore logo and colours, as they would fit in with a Quebec City-based team.

Stallions is a great name... For any team. But I do like the Sable Island connection there & think that a Maritime team should maybe use it.

The more I think about it, although I still think it's stupid to have two teams with the same name, I just want to see a team back in our nation's capitol. So who gives a crap?... Let's just hope that it all works out!

Of course it's stupid Satan, and that's exactly what I love about it! :cowboy:

Some say Canada is a stupid experiment doomed to fail, so it all fits nicely, eh?? :cowboy:

My suggestion would be the Ottawa Voyageurs.

It is a bilingual name (Ottawa is pretty much bilingual)

I like the name

It has a historical tie to the region. A voyageur or coureur des bois was essentially a fur trader. If you remember the Rough Riders helmet had a voyageur during the last couple seasons. Historically the Ottawa river was used by voyageurs. I think it would be a great name. I like names that aren't generic, this would be one.

As for Rough Riders, I mean it could be potentially 15 years past, and a football team later. I think it's past but that's just me.

who cares just get the team in call them the renegades if you want call them the sun flowers who cares just get the team into the city....and as far as a maratime team...sounds great but is there enough of a market there?

Ottawa Sovereigns

Just picture the image at the link below on the football helmet, ok, minus the fully nuded spearman: :cowboy: