A new coach for 2007??

I believe a good new head coach for the Ti-Cats in 2007 and beyond would be Steve Berrato now offensive co-ordinator with the Calgary Stampeders and past coach of the B.C. Lions with a Grey Cup victory in 2001.

A possable back up QB and coach in Danny Mac and an offensive co-ordinator in Matt Dunigan might be very interesting as well.

I would also like to see Sudsey back in Hamilton as our Defensive Coach I believe no one can coach a Defence like Don Sutherin.

What do you think???

Happy Thanksgiving to all Ti-Cat fans, players, staff and management. Go Cats Go in 2007!!!

I like all of your choices with the exception of Sudsy. While I agree that when healthy, he is the best defensive coordinator around, but he's not healthy.
During training camp this year, he was struggling just to walk.

that FDR image on the sidelines doesn't really bring that much inspiration on the sidelines eh rocky?

think of how bad a gatorade dump would look on tv....

I'm tuned into your thinking Espo, and I definitely agree.

For head coach, I would go with Rich Stubler or Charlie Taaffe if available in that order.

Burrato had head coaching experience but the results are mixed at best. Taaffe was back-to-back coach-of-the-year with the Als and would likely have remained there as coach (pre-empting Matthews) had he not left for family and personal reasons.

As for Sudsy, I understand some of the comments here although I did not get to see him at the training camp sessions referred to. If you want a Sudsy disciple, look no further than current front-7 coach Deke McPhee, who worked for years under Sudsy and would be an upgrade at DC in my estimation.

Would Matt Dunigan leave the TSN studio to be an OC...good question. I'm not sold on whether he would. Any assistant hire should be the call of the new head coach, so the jury is out on that speculation.

Interesting thoughts nonetheless. Thank you for your post.

Oski Wee Wee,