A New Angle On Expansion

Good post Dragon I am empressed! But very true and yes Argotom you put stick and puck in the game it is not a hard sell. I have been follow NLL play and dam that is a very good sport and gaining in popularity. The CFL is second to to hockey no doubt about it. But investors do not jump out of the wood work unless there is government money with it. Like building a stadium or some form of incentive.

Geo your point about wealthy Canadians is a good one. Currently, we have David Asper in Winnipeg trying to buy the BB and build a new stadium. While in Ottawa, Frank D'Angelo with his and other money backing to include a beer company wants in into Ottawa.
Seems to me this has to be a two way street as the BOG, or as I like to call some of them the Board of Clowns can't see the forest from the trees and it is almost like they are dicouraging wealthy Canadians who want in. Very sad indeed.

Which leads me back to a question I've asked on this forum before..

Does anyone truly believe that the BOClowns actually wants the CFL to succeed?

why don't people just read and stop the bs who cares the man likes the game. do you walk down the street and pick people that don't dress the same? grow up it's football you want grammar go to an english class

There is a point, though, scuddweiser69, where the point of the post is lost in its entirety due to horrendous grammar. It is that point at which the grammar becomes a necessity - otherwise the poster appears to be nothing more than nonsensical.

I put a lot more stock into a persons opinion when I can read and understand what they are saying instead of giberish. I did however, follow what California Eagle said, as tough as it was.

Why won't someone put up 120M to build a stadium? I wonder why. sure canada may have 20 Billionaires but do they want to spend 10% of their $$ to build a stadium?

Now why won't the Gov step in and help build new stadiums? Because two things:

  1. The cost to build/maintain Domed Stadiums(BC place just breaks even/has minor losses finacially)

2.Canadian cities view Arena's as better options over stadiums seeing as Arena's are friendly to a wider variety of events(concerts, trade shows, Basketball, hockey, Lacross and so on) Stadiums are only see as Football, baseball and soccer friendly and most Cities won't acknowledge The benefits a state of the art stadium can bring such as Conventions/trade shows international sporting events(soccer, Track and field, Baseball(yuck), Rugby and others)

A new Stadium in Halifax + Quebec + winnipeg would Strengthen the CFL greatly, improve each ones CIS/minor football(Laval could play at the new quebec Stadium, Halifax could atleast hold playoff minor and CIS games in their stadium and the Asper has said he will donate to the Bisons and minor football if he gets his stadium deal done)

Other things with Bringing the new stadiums that the individual cities/Provinces don't see is increased tax Revenues, new jobs created(specificly in Quebec and halifax)
**if anyone remembers when the Gades left there was alot of Jobs in Ottawa that were lost not counting the players.

Another big thing is it gives the city something that's state of the art, something it can use to market the City. Quebec and Halifax don't have anything like that. BC and Toronto use their Stadiums all the time for Marketing as it's part of their skyline.

IT WOULD MAKE PEOPLE REMEMBER QUEBEC AND HALIFAX STILL EXIST!!! It works something like with Green Bay if they didn't have the Packers who would talk Green bay?

The Atlantic Schooners and Quebec Tabernaks would Bring attention to their Cities.

3 new stadiums would put pressure on several other CFL cities(mainly Hamilton and Regina) to build new stadiums.

what happens if someone is a different language and cant be up to your level does that not make them a fan? We want fans do we not? who care's that they are not at your level on the pc. If we all think like this the league will stay at eight teams.

We also want paragraphs and posts that are at least legible.

Seems to me that all languages use paragraphs, commas and perioids.

It is very easy to tell if someone writes they way they do because English is not their first language, or if they just don't bother to write properly!
99% of the time its the latter!

It should be obvious why there are no wealthy Canadians stepping up to the plate, the losses they might incur is not worth the risk involved, and add to that there are not a lot of places in this country to expand the league. Maybe if Canada had 120 0r 150 million people , it could be worth it, but expansion will be limited to 3 or 4 cities in the forseeable future.

I think you can cross Windsor off for any CFL expansion, they have just broken ground on a new $62 mill 7200 seat hockey complex for the Spitfires. Windsor was in need of a new hockey facility though, badly overdue.

[url=http://www.canada.com/windsorstar/news/story.html?id=700dfcbe-9319-4c45-9eb3-045ce6a976ba&k=54562]http://www.canada.com/windsorstar/news/ ... ba&k=54562[/url]

Sorry Earl, I never really had them on my expansion list to begin with. :wink: :wink:

There are only two legitimate places to expand to, besides returning to Ottawa. Halifax and Quebec City. Any where is is just wishful thinking, and dreams.

Agree Sportsmen, and really Windsor isn't the name of a Halifax or Quebec City either in terms of a city that people think is that important in Canada, to be honest. No slight to Windsor though! :wink:

Probably the reason there is no line-up of potential owners also has to do with the fact that the vast majority of the time , most CFL teams have lost money year after year. The likelihood of an owner of a new franchise breaking even , let alone making a profit , is very low . Now for an owner to also have to build a stadium on top of that and still make money is even lower.

The cost of a stadium is way more than the 120 mil mentioned here. The talk surrounding BC Place has that number closer to 300 mil for a replacement. Now how many people are going to put up that kind of money just to lose more money on a football team?

BC Place , BTW , apparently loses about 5 mil a year for it's operations.

But David Braley wants to buy it or run it because he was quoted as saying he could do a better job than the Government!

BC Place loses that much money per year? Wow, I'm surprised that people put up with that there. That seems like a fair bit of money to me for a stadium to lose.

Earl, its painfully obvious. A blind man could make changes to cut down the deficit at BC Place. Thats why I hope Braley buys it!

thats why montreal doesnt play in the big O, too costly, mcgill is where its at!

Reading this over, I am amazed. A few of you are sure sticklers for composition style & grammar. I feel that all I really didn't do was hit the tab key a few times. Other than that omission, the original post is grammatically correct. (NOWHERE did I use the word "like" in the way a Valley Girl would.) Anyway, I will endeavor to do much better on any future long posts. My main goal was to make the point that if Halifax was really a Great place for a franchise, the people there would have long since done (post 1984) what it takes to get one. All they need is a glorified high school stadium & a money man or group (or civic group of fans) that believes it could be profitable. CFL should expand to the first city with dollars on the table that shows an intense desire for a team.