A new age in the CFL, has arrived !

With tonight's opening of IGF field in Winnipeg,a similar stadium in SK. in a few years,BC'S complete makeover of their stadium and well...... Hamilton :roll: maybe it will spark other cities who are in need of a new stadiums to start the process? Calgary,Montreal, Toronto and ill throw Edmonton in the mix. I know Edmonton is renovating and probably a long shot but I think the fans of Edmonton deserve a new stadium. They have been one of the cornerstone franchises of the league for a long time.

It is doubtful Edmonton or Montreal will receive funding for a new stadium any time soon with recent upgrades/renos.

Commonwealth has accrued over $172 million in upgrades since 2001-present, and currently ongoing.
2001- $22.12 million
2010- $114.6 million (artificial turf, field house, SOTA lockerrooms, offices, media/hosting rooms, lights, HDTV, digital networks etc etc)
2013- $12 million (new seating)

While Molson Stadium recently (2010) underwent $30 million in renovations for seating upgrades, private suites, additional stands, etc with the province contributing near $20 million, the City $4 mil and Wetenhall approx. 6 mil.

Calgary would seem to be the most logical choice for either upgrades or a nascent stadium in the near future though.

I agree Calgary is in the most need of a new Stadium. Is there even a thought about a new stadium in Calgary ?

I agree the cfl is entering a new era with these new stadiums and tv contract but until the argos are a profitable entity in a proper stadium and Ottawa is on solid footing then I will believe the cfl is in a new era.

Any new stadium must use Winnipeg as a blueprint.

Edmonton for a new stadium
that is a pipe dream
their stadium is fine.

Montreal's is also fine, and they have the O for playoffs...no need.

Really, the Stamps are IMO in most need of new digs

Once there are shovels in the ground in Regina, Calgary will no doubt take the title of worst stadium in the CFL. The Flames ownership group floated the idea of adding a stadium to their new arena plans, but those plans seem to have disappeared and lately they've gone on record saying a new stadium is a longshot-at best. Montreal is supposed to be deciding on renovation plans for Olympic Stadium within the next few weeks with rumours abounding they are looking to re-install a true retractable roof for the stadium. (although possibly more drastic renos might also take place).

If Calgary does built a new stadium, it could be argued that Edmonton would assume the role of worst facility in the CFL (Montreal would get a pass as they have 2 stadiums at their disposal). Who would have ever even considered such a possibility 8 or 9 years ago?! Heady times for the CFL for sure!

Eventually Montreal and Edmonton will need new digs, 'fine" is ok for now. I still think Rogers center should work for the Argo's !?

You have clearly not been to a lot of stadiums. for overall experience including washrooms, concessions, seating, etc it pretty much went like this as of last season (new Bomber stadium not included)

I base this on my overall experience at each venue.

I've been to everyone of them actually (except Investor's in Winnipeg). Clearly you didn't read the post clearly enough. I said IF Calgary were to build a new stadium, along with new stadiums in Regina, Ottawa, & Hamilton. In no place did I ever mention current stadiums in those cities (let alone ones from last year which are no longer in use). :roll:

You sure seemed to indicate that Regina's was worse than Calgary's here? " :roll: "
I guess I must have missed something there?
Clearly you did not read mine clear enough...for I stated Calgary already had the worst stadium.

also, like I said...as of "last year"...for you can not really count Hamilton's temporary stadium, nor Winnipeg's new one for nobody saw a game in it prior to tonight...but, as I indicated with last years stadiums, IMO, Calgary was still the worst...and yes, that does mean I put Winnipeg and Hamilton above it, as well as Regina...this equates that IMO Calgary already had the worst stadium last year, and they will continue to until they build new or do a massive upgrade (which I believe is a viable option).

I believe 100% that Argos are the team most in need of a NEW stadium. Calgary is in drastic need of a makeover (wider concession area, more washrooms, luxury boxes etc.), but it has great sightlines, is nicely situated on a transit line, and has the best tailgating area in the league.

Toronto however, needs to be in a CFL friendly stadium that creates a great atmosphere, so that 28,000 feel packed in tight and 'part of the crowd.' Not rattling around a massive dome.

Edmonton in need of a new stadium?? That's news to me. Some of best facilities in the league. Their home locker room rivals NFL teams.

A new age would really be reached if and when we get that new 10th team, with an equally impressive new stadium.

Meh, I am just grateful for Ottawa coming back. If a 10th team is added down the line, great. But it has to be the right place, right ownership, and right stadium.

Sightlines and facilities are pretty important tradeoffs when the league and clubs have been steering a lot towards a family event for games. The kid is going to complain the same about any seats unless they are sensational, but I would have no desire to stand in concessions and bathroom lines with child for probably 12 minutes of a game. I can see Toronto's ranking fluctuate based upon view depending on the person. The actual seating is fine though, and you can get decent seats.

McMahon is still better than Taylor Field, and I've been in both many times. The atmosphere isn't quite the same (although good when full), and the benches in the corners are terrible, but it's still better than Taylor field.

I also would say that Edmonton will still have a better stadium than Hamilton even after they get the new one judging by the pictures I've seen.

Yes, McMahon is better than Taylor Field :expressionless:
I read yours plenty well enough Calgary does not have the worst stadium now. Regina does.

Once again, never mentioned this year's, or last year's stadium. I simply mentioned IF Calgary was to build a new stadium. Also mentioned when Regina, Hamilton, and Ottawa stadiums will be completed (i.e. events that haven't even happened yet, hence the "didn't mention current or past stadiums")

Agreed Dust. McMahon is no prize pig but she's still miles ahead of Taylor Field (based purely on the structural features; not the fanbases that dwell within)

Both have good sightlines and a close proximity to the field. Both have terrible concourses. I'd give the atmosphere a clear win at Taylor field, but I'd give McMahons location and ability to do stuff before and after the game a clear win.

I also think we're forgetting that Ottawa's new digs will look great also.

And I simply stated that IMO (and I did say IMO...where as you are saying it is a fact simply because you say it) that Calgary already has the worst stadium. Lets put it this way...what does McMahon have over Mosaic?

  • Grandstand seating is for all intense purposes the same
  • McMahon has a a couple nice standing areas in the corner of endzones, but Mosaic now has the boxes which I have to believe trumps the standing area.
  • Mosaic has 2 to 2-1/2 times the concourses and restrooms
  • Yes, some of Mosaic's facilities are getting shabby, but at least they are there
  • McMahon has the train right there, a huge perk, but Mosaic has better parking
  • Mosaic has multiple screens that McMahon does not

To each their own, but I don't personally see how one could rate McMahon higher.

And don't get me wrong...I am not saying Regina's facilities are grade A...they are building a new stadium for a reason.