A Myth

I've notinced recently, and especially today, the constant harping on Pao-Pao's play calling. I thought it was widley known that Greg wanted an run-oriented time-controlled offense, and I'm sure, when interviewing pao-Pao for the O.C job, that was communicated. But now, the failure of the offense seems to fall at Pao-Pao's feet. Do you really think that Marshall had no say in the offense and left it totally to Pao-Pao's control? As short as two weeks ago, Greg was touting the ball control offense as a key to victory. If the offense stays the same, then perhaps Pao-Pao deserves the critisism, but from where I sit, it is just an employee listening to his boss, and i am quite confident that coach Lancaster will open the offense up, and allow the players to be play makers.I'm confident the difference between Marshall and Lancaster will seen on the field and more important....in the standings.

Just get the darn ball to Flick.

With the weapons available at QB, receivers and RBs, whose fault is it that offence has been so poor?

Any Gades' fan could have told you what to expect from a Paopao-led offence.

Half time adjustments and blitz beating plays have been invisible. I look to OC for these facets of game calling. I did not see Head coach override play selection in the 2nd halves. Justice will be swift for every non performing member of the club in any role. Count on it!

This offence has more weapons than the Gades had. Time will tell, in a month if it's the same boring O than Pao Pao will have to answer for it, but it seems to me he was following orders. Now he will have to follow someone else's.

UNDERSTATEMENT!! HERE HERE! :rockin: :rockin:

You beat me to it woody.

does anybody remember Pao Pao was releived of his duties as OF cordinator in Ottawa.After that they went on a winning streak.Looks like we have the same problem here,I dont no why everyone is so high on him.Maybe because he is a known name.As far as im concerned he is not doing a very good job here,I guess only time will tell.