not just for our record and where we'll be sitting after friday. but everything has come to light for a win tonight.
if our progress and improvement is real and the club is indeed improving as a whole and if the red zone and discipline problem is solved there should be no reason why we shouldn't get the 2 points tonight.
if we don't have the win at all costs attitude and play like a desperate team now, then when wil we? that's is why it is absolute must win.
i don't wanna hear the "as long as we beat argos on labour day" line this season. i'm expecting a win tonight and continued improvement from here on in.

This isn't a must win.. its a must must must win.

Go Cats!


Better late than never...but I think you are right on the money. Thank goodness the game is in Hamilton. I can't get down there for the game but I sure hope the fans can make enough noise to motivate the team even more.

Obviously this game is a "must win". What's the point of stating the obvious?

what's the point of you posting a thread on it then?

Isnt every game a mustwin? Ive never heard of a mustlose game :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

Pardon the cliche. But it is a do or die game tonight. Toronto is 2-4 now. With a win were right back in it!! I know that we have the talent on this team to beat Winnipeg. If we can get some red zone t.ds. I think we will win convincingly. It would be great to see a sold out stadium of black cheering on the cats, being louder than ever!!! its going to be a good night!!

yeah no kidding, i actually have played a lot of sports too, so i actually realize you don't play to lose.
my point was this particular game is important for many more reasons than say gm 1.
i wass just trying to give my points why we can't in no way lose this game and whatever it takes this team has to play desperate not come next week nor labour day when everyone seems to think the season has more meaning winning THAT game.