Yes I am very disappointed about Bishop Bombers! But am going to shake it off. Forgive me but I still think you missed most of Bishop`s magic moments in his CFL career. He had a lot including this year and last! As you know I fell away from the CFL while rooting for Flutie down south. That experience was so euphoric that it was hard to just pick up my passion where it left off in the CFL.

It returned but not until 2007 watching Bishop, he brought the passion back to the CFL for me! Now the finish of yesterdays game with the 2 late ints fits perfectly into the media line of good Bishop bad Bishop, or he always lets you down at the end etc....BUT that is not based in reality, it really is not. Last year in Sask and again this year in Winnipeg saw Bishop inserted into 2 bad situations, that`s all it was, Bish was not known for ints etc before last year in Sask. You know who leads the league in ints this year...DARIANT DURANT of Sask, he had a lot of ints last year as well.

Its really just the demonization of Michael Bishop, he has kind of a Mike Tyson look and sound about him sometimes, the media does not like him and that is why he has this handle the last 2 years. People have swallowed it hook line and sinker, and forgive me but I believe you also, having missed most of his FANTASTIC play only have media reports to fill you in. They really do not like him!

Now why would I say he was so great if it was not true? Why would Diane feel the same way? Why would the 2007 Argos players all overwhelmingly want Bishop over Joseph?

Anyway, perception becomes reality because people are stupid.

Now on yesterdays game, Bombers acting OC prior to the game actually told the press that he was going away from the game plan that won them 4 of their last 6 games. He said they where going to win this game by Reid running the ball, they wasted one down after the other trying to run up the middle, putting Bishop in 2nd and long and losing field position as they did. They had won 4 of their last 6 including 1 over Montreal, by throwing the ball deep, he said we are going to go away from throwing the ball deep. The game plan never allowed Bishop to get in a rhythm, it was run up the middle for zip or even a loss then it was 2nd and long.

As for the leafs all I can say is go Raptors go and take the Leafs with you....Just kidding

Paul, look at it this way, and understand where I'm coming from.

i don't hate Bishop. . . I don't love him either. I am not a Bishop fan, nor is he my least favourite player. I'm not a rabid fan of Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, or Toronto, the three teams for which he's played. I'm a CFL fan, first and foremost.

Bishop has played some great games in his career; the two that stand out for me are this season when Winnipeg routed Montreal, and last season in his first game as a Roughrider. He was terrific in those games.

But look at his record in the games where it's counted the most, and try to look at this objectively. I am not relying on biased press reports from those you accuse of 'hating' him; nor am I looking at his record through rose-coloured glasses, as some might accuse you of doing.

Just look at the cold, hard, facts from the three most important games he's started; Sunday versus Hamilton, 2008 playoff game as a Rider, and 2007 playoff game as an Argonaut. These are the facts, paul, not perceptions of someone who either hates him or loves him.

2009 vs. Hamilton: 8 for 26 (31%), 122 yards, 1 TD and 2 interceptions.

2008 as a Rider vs. BC: 14 for 27 (51.9%), 172 yards, no TDs, 3 interceptions, and a fumble or two as I recall

2007 as an Argo vs. Winnipeg: 21 for 45 (46.7%), no TDs, no interceptions.

So no, I haven't missed his "magic" performances; I have freely acknowledged them.

There just haven't been enough of them, and they've just never occurred when it mattered most.

And that, sadly, is not "perception". . . it's reality based on the cold, hard facts. Sorry to rain on your parade.

Anyway, perception becomes reality because people are stupid.
This is accurate quote of many Bomber fans. They will blame Bishop for the misery of this team. You will see. Bauer will crawl out of his hole in ground and blame Bishop. Kelly will be hailed as good coach with promise. He will not be blamed for anything. The important thing is that Kelly has duped many fans. Fans that support Kelly we don't need.

I'll bet all the Bomber fans are glad Kelly never saw any redeeming qualities in Casey Printers eh?

I still wouldn’t want Casey Printers on the Bombers. My problems with Printers are attitude and being injury-prone. Has his attitude changed since the spring? Some say yes, others say no. As for injuries, he made it less than 2-1/2 games before going out with what must be the millionth hand injury in the past 3 years. Of the games he started in when with Hamilton, how many did he actually finish. Seems to me that most of them he had to leave because of some injury or other.

Hey MadJack The post here was actually just a copy and paste of my conversation with my brother via email, I just posted it here because I felt it was some of my best work to date :thup:

Your opinion is certainly one that many share…BTW I am a CFL fan first and foremost, did you steal my line :lol:

You speak the truth Sanjay, Bomber management will make Bishop the fall guy. They will say it all came together with our plan with the exception of QB Bishop. This is a old ploy to buy more time for Coach GM etc, blame the QB, and or asst coaches.

BTW Sanjay I dug your performance on American Idol, I thought you where robbed, you should have won the whole freakin thing!

No paul, you must have stolen that line from me. . . I"ve been here a lot longer than you!! (and always under the same name, too !!).

Blue Blood. . .is your opinion the same as mine, that Casey Printers must have the most fragile fingers and thumbs of anyone in CFL history? Sure seems that way, he's forever hurting himself there. . .

It's cool you have your opinion, that's what forum's are for. I swear I'm not trying to undermine your credibility but of all the player's in the CFL-why Bishop?

Yup. Of his time in Hamilton, Printers having to leave or miss games because of hand injuries is about all I remember.

Yup. Of his time in Hamilton, Printers having to leave or miss games because of hand injuries is about all I remember.

seanmac... as I know your a fan of a team who has had a steady starting veteran quarterback for the last 10 years or so, you do not know what it is like not having one of the top quarterbacks year after year, Anthony Calvillos or Ricky Rays do not fall from the sky. :wink:

I just re-read my earlier post and I sincerely appologize for the confusion, I was asking only Paul Pearson why Bishop was his favorite player. Not trolling for anything but clarification on why he would so steadfastly support this particular guy. I just can't get my brain around this???