A must read for the caretaker


You mentioned on CH sports tonight that aren't going to wear your trademark Ticat hat in order to try to change the teams fortunes.
What I was wondering was, if we were able to get a win, would you consider shaving your head down to the wood and grow a goatee. If we can win by you not wearing your hat, them we might be able to make the playoffs if you shave it. :cowboy:

Bob would look like an Maas’ dad…

Hey bob are you trying to hide now?Or just make Maas feel better?What ever it is your team really s*cks right now!I am very proud of you!

Bob should just wear the hat backwards like they do in baseball sometimes. They call it a "rally hat" for a late inning rally.

But Bob can't be to confident about Scott's guaranteed win night. lol

Bob should wear the other team's hat.

It seems the hat of the team he wears loses much more than it wins. So perhaps the Cats fortunes will change by Bob wearing the opposition's hat.

Go Bob. Go get a Bombers cap.

Mr. Young was caught on tape this morning readying for a trip to the park without his cap.

if the hopes of your team rests on a silly hat superstition, the Cats have a lot more problems than i thought!

Caretaker don't stay out in the sun without a hat or you may have delusions like;dressing your team in black on ahot summer night or three years with o for the love of God starts.

well , it's probably easier for him now to scratch his head when he has to think why a lot of fans in this city are so unappreciative they actually have a team at all

How about Bob The Caretaker just wearing a black paper bag over his head which would be most fitting given our dismal record to date this season again! I hear you can get them cheap custom made at Fortinos.