A must!.......if you want to win

Seems to me that the most logical requirment to be successful in the CFL is not only a real good qb, but a real good qb that has quick feet and one who can throw on the run.
As a fierce competitor, there is none better than Jason Maas. I don't know him, but it is very obvious that he is a extremly proud individual who takes his job very seriously. It is also obvious that no matter what, Jason is not a quitter.....it is not in his vocabulary. I would be proud to have him as a son, a father, or a brother.
Having said that, it is of my opinion that Jason does not possess the quick feet, does not throw on the run well, and his passes lack the velocity required for him to be successful in the CFL. I'm certain that the arm strength problem is directly attributed to his previous injuries. Being more of a pocket passer, with limited arm strength, Jason is definitly limited as a CFL qb.
Also, I do have to state that the Ticat fans would love nothing better than to have Jason return to his previous playing form during his Eskie days.

Next, get the O-line in step. We have a lot of talent there, but reps are required. By the end of the year we should be starting four Canadians on the O-line.

Lastly the free safety position.
I harped on this site most of last year and continued on this year re: the free safety position on our D.
It was, in my opinion, our weakest area on the defence last year and seems to be our weakest area so far this year. I'm not on here to dis Wayne Shaw. I think he is probably a real good person.
Having watched him play last year and so far this year, it is obvious that his best days are behind him.
What we need is a real physical prescence back there......someone who can cover well and is also a good closer on the ball, someone who can support the other db's. We want to let the opponents to be aware....you're not to going to make a reception against us deep and if it so happens, you're going to get smacked so hard, you'll be separated from the ball.

These are just my obsevations.

i think we should put karikari at safety

hey why not he played safety in montreal and had success

You want to win?....

If so, you need locker room leaders that players are accountable to. It's the way of the world in sports. The coaches are teachers, granted, but it's the leaders in the locker room who set the 'real' rules and pace. One just has to think back to Phil Esposito who called a team meeting at the back of the net during a pivitol moment of the Canada/Russia hockey series in 1972 to tell the team the way it really works.....the rest is history.

Somebody in that Ticats locker room had best step up and take control soon as a defacto 'Captain ' and he'd better recruit a few 'team whips' to help him out....and the coaches had best stay out of that process....

..then and only then will you have a real team emerge once the dust settles.


Karikari has already been moved to Safety.