A Montreal Fan gives thanks to the Tiger-Cats!!

A friend of mine in Montreal actually gave thanks to our Tiger-Cats for originally releasing Anthony Calvillo in 1998 when the late Great Ron Lancaster took over along with Danny Mac, AC later signed with Montreal.

My friend said that AC is the best thing to happen to football in Montreal because he brought his winning, never give it up attitude to the Als and he now has his second Grey Cup.

This reminds me of when Sask won the 2007 Grey Cup and how happy the fans were that we supplied so many players, ex-cats to that team and they went on to win the Grey Cup, like Kerry Joseph, Tad Kornagy, D.J. Flick and so on. The Rider fans were so happy that year they were saying that Hamilton should be a farm team for the CFL, to supply great players elsewhere in the league.

Not to mention the players we supplied to Edmonton the previous year like Joe Montford and Troy Davis our leading rusher who also went on to Win a Grey Cup.

I'm glad to see that stop after Obie took controls and keep all good players here in Hamilton and make some great signings that added to our young team this year and hopefully they will continue to re-sign past players and grab the rights of new players who can make the Cats a Winning team in 2010 and beyond!!

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats in 2010!!!!

Interesting but AC has to be one of the biggest gaffs in Tiger-Cat football history, that's for sure. Ouch.

AC, like Printers and Dunnigan, were victims of being QB's on Ticat teams without much talent on O, especially on the O-Line.

Maas just stunk.

He's not welcome.

Unless someone had a crystal ball there was NO way of knowing what AC would become. He was absolutely God-awful when he was here and he wanted to go. He wanted to be traded, there OBVIOUSLY wasn't much interest in a trade at the time so (out of respect for his wishes and due to his lack of success), Ron Lancaster released him. I quit crying about that one a long time ago. We don't need players who don't want to be here. Didn't then. Don't now.

Th Cats were 3-0 when Dunnigan went down and never came back. That team was pretty good with Matt in the lineup. WE also had a pretty good reciever in Mac Cody who left shortly after.

We can credit John Jenkins for the demise of AC (in Hamilton), and the retirement (due to too many concussions) of Matt Dunnigan. This is a guy who thought that there was no need for a RB - instead using 6 receivers and a mobile QB. Matt got his head scrambled, and AC got gun-shy. The best thing was for AC to get out of Hamilton. Who knows? It may have been the best thing for his health...

Thank goodness that we have been able to see such great QBs in the past 20 years:

I give thanks to MTL for giving up on Dave Stala.

Alright, the Cats released Cavillo who became a pretty good player :wink: We know already.

The guy that took over, McManus did a pretty good job. 2 straight Grey Cup appearances, ( I Grey Cup) and made the playoffs 4 out of his first 5 years with him at the helm. One of my all time favourite players.

Props to Cavillo on a great career but I don`t feel any regret that we lost him.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves regarding Anthony Calvillo (the fact that he was terrible during his three years in Hamilton). Calvillo showed plenty of potential as a rookie in Las Vegas and he played very well in 1995 and 1996 for the Tiger-Cats. He still holds the #1 and #3 spot for most yards passing in a single game for the 'Cats. Yes, he had a terrible season on a sub-par team (especially the O-line) in 1997. He was run out of Hamilton by the fans. There was no way he could return, even as a back-up. (I get the feeling Quinton Porter might experience this next year). Calvillo NEVER asked to be traded. If you heard otherwise, it’s a bunch of BS. What bothered me at the time was the fact that the 'Cats knew Calvillo couldn’t possibly return for the 1998 season and instead of getting something/anything for him they held on and held on until they finally released him (in the spring, I believe) and got zippo in return. Anthony Calvillo was and is a great quarterback and I’m glad he proved to everybody who thought that he was brutal that they were wrong.

The pope is correct on all points.
This endeth the lesson.

I was at the Calvillo game when he threw for 500+ yds and Hamilton still lost the game. I thought the guy was awesome and he got the short end of the deal in Hamilton.
If AC has proven one thing over the yrs, it is that he is a great Quarterback. Politics in the end was the reason AC left Hamilton, this is a common problem in sports and life in general. Otherwise AC would still be a ti-cat.
Doc 8)

I was always among the crowd who believed AC was run out of town by the fans and I blamed the team for getting rid of him. Then someone posted an article on here saying that when Lancaster (RIP) called Calvillo to discuss his future, he asked to be traded. Despite whatever potential he may have shown elsewhere, it just didn't happen for him here because he didn't have the supporting cast he needed or whatever the reason. Many of the QBs we have brought in have shown promise elsewhere and it didn't pan out for them here (or anywhere else for the most part). Life goes on. I am sorry we missed out on a great QB like him, but I wouldn't change bringing Danny Mac in here for anything and that's all I can say about it.

I agree that I do see Porter going down the AC road, though. We've ruined more than one good young QB by throwing him in as a starter when he wasn't ready and now he goes from God to goat and he'll go on to light it up somewhere else. It just seems to happen to us all the time.

My main and lasting memory of AC as a Tiger Cat was a disastrous game, IIRC, in Toronto were he fumbled 2 or 3 times while scrambling, all on his own (ball hitting his thigh, lost grip on ball, etc). Too much like Porter during his last starts this season?

Too bad AC didn’t have a better supporting cast and better coaching (eg a dedicated QB coach) or he might still be here rather than in Montreal.

You know BG, you are one of the most sensible posters on this forum, but you are way off the mark on this one.

Even if AC asked to go (which is debatable), you have to ask yourself ...WHY????

Ive sat behind both benches at IWS and I know how...ahem...sensitive and understanding some of the Ticat fans can be.

Like you and I, if we dont like our jobs we can find another.

Actually, AC would have looked pretty good in a Ticat uniform for the past decade....a lot of people (fans, team managment) blew it big time....

Speaking of way off the mark.....

D-Mac and the Cats won a GC and dominated the East the next three years after AC left then the money ran out. Even for the sake of argument had AC proved himself the QB he was now to think he wouldnt have left a bankrupt team for a fat contract somewhere else is pretty fanciful. And to think he would have done the same things here as he did IN MTL without Pringle, Cahoon, Als O-line.... :roll:

This AC thing is a manufactured, barstool banter -what if, a pointless guessing game.

Hindsight is always 20-20, alot of great players get away or some shine more in other places. But in the AC case it was clear to many he was going to be the next great QB.

AC showed many more positives then negitives as a young QB, matters not why he left, what matters is that he left.

We do have to consider the tough decisions of those days though, winning and winning NOW was the main focus of Lancaster who came equiped with his own ontourage of talent, including backup QB Cody Ledbetter and as I recall the decision to unload AC was harsh and fast at best.

We did win two short years later with Ron and his boys, so that was cool. The years that followed, well not so bright but water under the bridge now.

Its the lessons learned from all this that will make the team better.

Montreal fans, your welcome ... but it aint going to happen again !!!

No, that's just more hindsight with the luxury of what's known today.
What was clear was AC had talent and an upside but wasnt superior to Danny Mcmanus and was caught in a new ownership philosophy,managment and coaching move. Logical results followed.

Never said he was superior to Danny McManus, because at the time he wasnt.

Unless you heard my coments or read my mind in 1994 you have know idea if my points are formed by hindsight.

AC was dumped for Cody Ledbetter not Danny McManus, considering that, well the decision to dump him looks pretty dumb and not the least bit logical.

Dont have to read minds . Just read the words you posted you said it was "clear" he was going to be the next great QB. How could anyone not equipped with a time machine know that? Again, the luxury of hindsight.

AC was shipped out because the new coach and GM brought in the guys he knew and trusted including Ledbetter. New GMs in pro sports do that alot - you've probably noticed.
And the way Lancaster stuck to starting QBs the backup question was an entirely minor one.

Again, dumping AC at the end of 1997/early 98 was entirely understandable and reasonable at the time.

Dumping AC was not understandable and reasonable it was a mistake. Be that using hindsight or not.

To me is was a poor accessment of a great quarterback and a long term opportunity.

Sure would have been nice to have AC in 2000,2001,2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

But I dont have to remind anyone what those seasons were like.

Anyway lets not let the next one get away.